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[Replace] PBY5 Catalina - Where to find the "Dodo" in the handling.meta/vehicles.meta?

  • Hey there folks,
    So I have an issue with the PBY5 Catalina by elcreador. It's actually not a problem with the mod itself !
    So normally you should replace the PBY5 with the "Cuban800", but I decided to replace it with the "Dodo" because, in my opinion, it fits better to the spawn locations etc. of the "Dodo". But now I have issues with finding the location of the "Dodo" in the handling and vehicles meta. Does anybody know what's the shortcut of the Dodo and where I could find it, or is it somewhere else and not in the update.rpf?
    Appreciate your help, thanks.


  • @nonebutMau Dodo uses SEAPLANE as its handling, and that handling data only seems to exist in a single handling.meta file.

    The vehicles.meta data seems to exist in 3 vehicles.meta files but again, not sure of their exact location. If you just want the data extracts for those, I can get them for you no problem. If you need to know the exact location, that will require a bit more messing about.

    Or you can do the same thing I have done. create a folder on your desktop, search for handling.meta in OpenIV and then extract all the files it finds into that folder. Do the same with vehicles.meta and then use Windows search to find the word SEAPLANE (all in caps) and that should highlight the files with that text in.

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