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Unable to start game due to Scripthook's dinput8.dll

  • With the newest update of Scripthook, the dinput8.dll causes the launcher to crash saying "Grand Theft Auto V exited unexpectedly" The game is unable to start because of this. I have already verified the game cache, and re-downloaded the game multiple times. Any and all help is appreciated.

  • same here, I suspect its because of the gameconfig.xml that was released earlier today but It could be scripthookv.net or scripthookv

  • Hopefully this problem gets addressed sooner rather than later, and anyone who currently has this problem can find a solution.

  • @redfain I think I found a solution, try this gameconfig, it was just updated. Hopefully it will work as I am installing it right now.

  • @wlupoli What gameconfig? Do you have a link?

  • @redfain He meant my gameconfig. Scripthookv works for me with my gameconfig on 1.10.1032 also trainers work fine etc.
    folder 0 has the lowest values so if you have alot of addon cars then try folder 1 or 2 and keep going up in folder numbers till you find one that works since its based off how many addon cars and mods you have installed.

  • @Willief23 That makes more sense. Appreciate the help and will get back to you.

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