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[MISC] Kid mod

  • Can someone make a mod to a put kids into gta 5, I was thinking so you don't have to make the whole peds from scratch. Find a way to import the kid model's from bully or another game, is this possible?

  • Too controversial...

    Imagine the amount of sick people who would download the mod to just kill kids...

    This is not impossible. I find it interesting... BUT I want restrictions on the things that adults do with this mod. I.E: Jedijosh's Hot Coffee mod will work with the children. That is a pretty big problem with this type of mod... Bunch of pedos buying just to do that...

  • @J9090 Actually, while I agree to certain extent, this mod has been already made for Skyrim. Well, in Skyrim you had kids roaming streets anyways, but they were invincible, so you couldn't kill them. Someone then released a mod, which by the way became very famous, that removed the kids' invincibility mode, allowing them to die just as often as adults in-game. As controversial as it is, very few have commented on how wrong it is.

    I like to roam in a very realistic environment, not kill. For that reason, I'm all for the mod.

    Note: If someone wants to kill children in a game, they'll find one. And Skyrim is only one of them. Many other games also allow kids to be killed.

  • @Hyper-Droid Yea but the thing is, Skyrim already has a kid feature. The original game had the voice acting and even an event where you kill this sister(kid) and another kid comes up and congrats you.

    Kids were not in any Gta games(including this one). Rockstar is not responsible for the kid's mod and the punishments that may arouse. If such punishments do arise, Rockstar would just blame the mod creator.

    P.S: Making a kid mod is easy. Just move skeleton and scale body. And weight copy. Easy. It is is the voice acting that has issues.

  • @J9090 Er..... Yeah, voice acting would be simple. In fact, it's so common that in children's TV animation shows that adults pretend to be children and they fool the children very often. The thing that gets me is the screaming.... :/

  • Look I just want this mod because one it makes the game more realistic and two if im ever making a movie with rockstar editor what if a scene involves a kid I would love to remake e.t, and there are way worse mods then kids, there are mods for 9/11 but adding kids to a game is to much, someone just make the mod under a alias account. I gurantee everyone one is mature enough to have kids put into the game and ps rockstar doesn't do anything about mods created.

  • We can not create mods with another account. One account only.

  • So every modder is afraid to make a, kid mod but yet someone made mod that lets male online character rape female online characters ,,,I get that a kid, mod could cause problems but there are worse mods out there, most people would use the kid mod for gta movies and just funny things like a kid hijacking cars and what not

  • @Tommacy18 In today's pussified society, killing kids in games would cause outrage among the soccer moms.

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