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GTA Crash ERR_FILE_PACK 3 after scripthook update

  • Hello guys, recently after the scripthook update i tried running my game and i got err_file_pack 3, i noticed some files in the update.rpf were changed on the last update, but i don't know whats changed on the original update.rpf files. Does anyone have any idea what changes were made? So i can copy those updates to my modded update.rpf.


  • *I tried replacing the original update.rpf files then putting on the mods, still getting the same error err_file_pack 3. What could be the problem now?


    Use openiv and then choose to update, the update in mods folder

  • @RainbowGTX You need to copy your entire vanilla update.rpf to your mods folder, then re-upload your custom dlclist.xml and gameconfig files to it again. That should do it.

  • @meimeiriver @Biggdogg I copied the entire vanilla update.rpf, well it turns out something is wrong with MY mods. The ERR_FILE_PACK 3 is caused by a graphics mod (i'm using two, Naturalvision and MVGA). The graphic mods thats messing with the update.rpf is only MVGA. I changed the timecyc,hbaosettings and visualsettings from the MVGA. I tried again with the original files. It crashed again, now due to my car mods. I've got plenty of car mods and i'll have to try one by one to figure out which one is causing the crash :(. Is there any way tho to use the MVGA mods? Cause tbh the only reason i keep on playing GTA is the graphics mod :D

    Thanks for replying :)

  • @RainbowGTX said in GTA Crash ERR_FILE_PACK 3 after scripthook update:


    Sadly, these ERR_FILE_PACK are rarely very clear. Usually indicative of a memory error; so it may not be an isolated mod per se.

    Personally, I'd start with a solid Gameconfig (1.0.1011.1-1.0.1032.1, if you hadn't already installed that. That should at least give you some room for your own DLC's and mods.

  • @RainbowGTX Also, stupid question maybe, but did you actually update?! When I put STEAM in Online Mode again, I really had to force a verify first, before it would even start the update process again. Otherwise you'd just wind up with a new ScriptHook over an old gta5.exe file. :)

  • @meimeiriver said in GTA Crash ERR_FILE_PACK 3 after scripthook update:

    Personally, I'd start with a solid Gameconfig (1.0.1011.1-1.0.1032.1, if you hadn't already installed that. That should at least give you some room for your own DLC's and mods.

    See, the thing to keep in mind is, that a new update.rpf will wipe out your custom gameconfig.xml file (and dlclist.xml); so you need to specifically reupload it again to the update.rpf in mods.


    @meimeiriver Because I didn't want to do this after every update, I've made a little .asi that automatically adjusts pool sizes in memory while the game loads. I don't know why I haven't done this way earlier but yeah.

    Tested with b944, b1011 and b1032 and works great but I'm still trying to figure out ideal values for the sizes so that it's 100% safe from crashing.

    Currently, this is what I'm adjusting but I don't use Add-On peds so that might require some additional patching in the future if it causes problems:

    [INIT] Creating thread...
    [INIT] Created thread, id 0xFFC
    [DEBUG] fwConfigManager @ 0x0000025A5A957120
    [DEBUG] CGameConfig @ 0x0000025A5A9CAE50
    [DEBUG] fwConfigEntries (191) @ 0x0000025A5A957130
    [DEBUG] DwdStore pool size (14500) @ 0x0000025A5AA10794
    [DEBUG] FragmentStore pool size (11500) @ 0x0000025A5AA10744
    [DEBUG] TxdStore pool size (48500) @ 0x0000025A5AA104A4
    [DEBUG] HandlingData pool size (900) @ 0x0000025A5AA103F4
    [DEBUG] VehicleStruct pool size (200) @ 0x0000025A5AA10434
    [DEBUG] fwDynamicArchetypeComponent pool size (9000) @ 0x0000025A5AA10384
    [DEBUG] MaxPedModelInfos (725) @ 0x0000025A5A9CB160
    [DEBUG] MaxVehicleModelInfos (320) @ 0x0000025A5A9CB168
    [DEBUG] MaxExtraPedModelInfos (100) @ 0x0000025A5A9CB170
    [DEBUG] MaxExtraVehicleModelInfos (250) @ 0x0000025A5A9CB174
    [INFO] New pool sizes set
    [INFO] Freeing library and exiting thread...

  • @Unknown-Modder ^^ Very nice! :)


    @meimeiriver :D For debugging purposes I've also made this xml file (looks almost like the actual gameconfig):

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    				<PoolSize value="100000"/>
    				<PoolSize value="200000"/>
    				<PoolSize value="100000"/>
    				<PoolSize value="100000"/>
    				<PoolSize value="1000"/>
    				<PoolSize value="100000"/>
    			<!-- add more items here if necessary -->

    which lets me easily add an item for any pool. I have already someone to test this and help me figure out perfect values but he can't do it before Thursday.

  • @meimeiriver yes, i copied the modded gameconfig.xml, i obviously updated the game too lol otherwise it won't start (steam ver). I also verified it through steam, and all files were successfully validated. It turns out MVGA was causing the ERR_FILE_PACK. Not sure because of the visualsettings/timecyc/hbaosettings mods or 3 of them lol. I copied the update.rpf vanilla and added the car mods only, without the graphic mods. Some car mods were also causing crash (normal gtav not responding). I tried to delete and put them one by one and found out some BMW/Ferrari cars weren't compatible (i'm still using 1.0.1011 gameconfig, dk with the new one). :D
    Thanks for the replies

  • Does anyone have any idea though if MVGA will ever be updated? I really love it

  • @RainbowGTX The latest version of MVGA is 2.6
    Its working good here.
    The creator is @Kompetenzz

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