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[SOLVED] Having trouble making a DLC add-on



    I am banging my head against the wall here...

    So, I have made some skins for @SkylineGTRFreak UH-1 and I want to make new add-on vehicles... so... I opened his dlc.rpf and renamed all of the entries within all of the data files from "uh1nasa" to "uh1mash" and changed the rpf name, then changed his vehicle rpf names from "uh1nasa" to "uh1mash"

    I was very careful.

    But when I try to spawn in game it says invalid model.

    Please someone help me figure this out so I can release some stuff.


  • @DarthPungz and did u change in dlclist.xml and extratitleupdatedata??


    @Voltrock. Good thinking but yes I did update the dlclist.xml (extratitle is not necessary)

    Ty for the offer of assistance!

  • @DarthPungz look again on different files, maybe u forget to convert one name somewhere (content.xml), it s really a new file addon or just modified??

    Sorry i m not a pro, i maked it 2 times


    @Voltrock okay, I'll give it another look tomorrow, I have got to head home. Thanks again for the help. Have a good one.

  • @DarthPungz The best place to look is the tutorial written by @Reyser


    @V4D3R yeah I had seen it before, but I will definitely take another look, I just didn't know there was thing that I was missing. Thanks for the tip!

  • @DarthPungz Maybe you should send the dlc to Reyser via PM, so he can take a look for any errors.

  • @V4D3R there is xml's where you must specify spawn name

  • Please, don't edit extratitleupdatedata.meta at all. This file is useless for custom DLC packs.


    @DarthPungz make sure you changed names, in handeling.meta vehicles.meta, setup.xml contents.xml and weapons.meta files all of these, later in dlclist . also make sure you have not reached dlc limit on gameconfig, delete one entry from dlclist, and see if removing one dlc add on solves the problem.


    @DarthPungz Just yesterday I had the same problem, but with all the vehicles of my latest Add-On pack (were working all fine until I installed a new vehicle). The problem was that I forgot to add a "<Item>" in content.xml file. I couldn't be sure of this mistake before because I was using OpenIV files editor, not Notepadd++ as usual.

    That's why I'll recommend you to check with any XML Validator (or the Notepadd++ XML Validator plugin) or yourself to try and find any code mistake. Bad closed tags and bad handling vehicle name are causing that kind of errors.

  • @DarthPungz If it's a model on this site, let me know and I can build the addon with my addon-maker and you can compare the output against yours if you like.


    @LeeC2202 I would like to make several variations/liveries based off @SkylineGTRFreak uh-1 https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/uh-1h-iroquois-nasa-add-on

    It originally spawns with name: "uh1nasa"

    I would like "uh1mash"

  • @DarthPungz could you upload it so I can take a look?

  • @SkylineGTRFreak @DarthPungz It would be better if you use PM. No reason to give "early access" to us. :stuck_out_tongue:


    @SkylineGTRFreak said in Having trouble making a DLC add-on:

    @DarthPungz could you upload it so I can take a look?

    I would really like to but I can't tonight, I am heading bed soon, I can in 12 hours though...

    I basically just went through your files in your mod dlc.rpf and replaced every uh1nasa entry with uh1mash and renamed the vehicle rpf by changing the 1 to a 2, I renamed the yfts and ytd associated to uh1mash.

  • @DarthPungz Well it made my addon maker crash, so at least I have something to do this afternoon.

    I think it's because my tool relies on the addon being based on a vanilla vehicle, so this confused it.

  • @DarthPungz did you change the .rpf name in content.xml as well?


    @SkylineGTRFreak yes :)

    @LeeC2202 hehe... Glad to give you something to do? :/ But seriously I don't mean to be a bother, please don't let this be of annoyance to you professor.

  • @DarthPungz Turned out to be a valid crash... caused by an empty tag in a meta file I was reading, so it's no bother.


    @DarthPungz Heck....You're also doing uh-1 skins now ? That's my job ! XD


    @Elope I am only made five :) A Cal Fire, a US Army Medevac, a USMC Search and Rescue, a USAF Search and Rescue, and a United Nations scheme.


    @SkylineGTRFreak ahhhhhhh!!!!! I changed the top entry but not the bottom!!!! Got it working! Thank you to all that offered their time and assistance! The head banging can stop now...

    @FoxtrotDelta @LeeC2202 @Reyser @V4D3R @Voltrock @Frazzlee


    @DarthPungz Faaaack,I've also made a cal fire,a usmc SAR,and a UN(Russian Scheme)(:з」∠) well furtunately despite from the SAR,the other two were converted from DCS lol
    Which SAR did u make :D I've got the white sand missile range one,since the space shuttles lands there for tests,so I thought that would be a good one to have

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