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[gameconfig] Issues with 1.0.1032.1

  • Hey there folks,
    after I replaced a lot of the standard GTA V planes my game keeps crashing. GTA V runs with the newest version of the recently released Script Hook V, so everything's up-to-date. Before I added around 5 more planes everything worked perfectly fine, but now it keeps crashing. I also checked if I did something wrong with the installation but I'm pretty sure I did not. For modding in GTA V, I use the GTA V Mod Manager along with OpenIV. I tried to run the game without all the Add-Ons and Replacements and of course, it worked. I guess it has to do with the number of modifications I did, so I tried several gameconfigs but none of them worked for me. Does anybody have a solution for that?


  • @nonebutMau You are replacing vanilla's with much higher quality models. Thing about this, is the in-game vRam consumption, cannot detect this, and translate for you, what your new value is. If your vRam consumption is in the "yellow" - for example - than it is really deep in the "red", meaning you are WAY over-budgeted.

    Because I use a lot of replacements myself, I make sure I am NEVER anywhere near the "yellow" My GPU HAS 8 Gb vRam, but I under-budget myself by nearly 3.5 Gb to account for all the higher quality models that are now spawning in my game. If this does not describe you, then use one of these - one of them will work, just have to find the right config while testing -


  • @nonebutMau after the recent update of game scripthook was updated but the gameconfig have issues still. Try different gamconfig from different uploaders

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