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Mod release priorities [Weapons]

  • Well I don't really use the forums but I noticed why I barely post mods and it's because as I work on them I think of something else and I start working on that. So basically I don't start to finish and prioritise some other mod. I haven't released shit I've been working on since 2015, did you know I made the first animated gun in the game? It was a Beretta centurion and included 2 variations which I haven't released yet lol of course Vans123 released the first animated gun on the site so congrats to him.

    Point is that I got a bunch of shit on 90% and 80% progress so I wanted to know you guys opinion on what I should finish first, so we got:

    1. M249 from mw:r
    2. Akm (site is polluted with them) but hey it's good quality at least
    3. Useless m16 carbine m727 (again) but it's compatible with the gun shop camos
    4. dmr scar-h
    5. Beretta centurion
    6. Beretta m92 from mw:r
    7. m16 carbine pack [m733 and m653 (it was add-on but tuck add-ons lately)]
    8. mg-34 (truck add-ons)
    9. m727 update (better model)

    Yeah those are the ones in scene in zmod3 I've got models and textures ready for some other gun mods but those are the closest to completion. Some are just a matter of exporting but then I have to take screenshots and ehh that's so exhausting ๐Ÿ˜… also I'm working on a Barrett m468 as request so expect that soon.

    I did not post this in W.I.P 'cause I'm not showing progress at all but merely asking a question.


    Well, if add-on weapons wasn't so horribly broken I'd say 'do them all' but seeying as I can only hold 5 weapons in one add-on and already made 3 packs this way... I've lost interest a bit :(

    Still want to create a pack on the 30s mafia guns and call it quits after that frankly.

    But, most users are probably replacing ;)

  • @metroidguy This subforum is for site-related questions. Topic got moved. Thanks.

  • @ReNNie Well I will eventually doing them all, just wanted someone's opinion on which on should I start first, etc

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