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Add-on Vehicles Not Working after Latest Update

  • Now I know add-ons etc. may need to be reinstalled after an update with scripthook, but why, when I try to install new add-ons they don't work? I've followed all the steps of the mods correctly, and they worked before the update, and my replacements work... someone please help? Not sure what to do :(

  • @ethannn_ said in Add-on Vehicles Not Working after Latest Update:

    I've followed all the steps of the mods correctly

    Which mods?

  • Exact vehicles? Cadillac CT6/Infiniti QX56/2009 Opel Insignia Sports Tourer - all add-on vehicles.

  • @ethannn_ Well you said that you had followed all the steps correctly, so I was going to check if those steps were in fact correct in the mod description... not all of them are.

    Make sure you have updated the update.rpf file and put your dlclist.xml back into it in your mods folder, along with a gameconfig.xml file as well.

  • Updated the update rpf file? Also i don't use a mods folder as I don't want to go online I have a seperate game for online. Also update the game config?? I saw a 100 car add on game config but this wasn't updated. Also I have installed the vehicles several times.. could a tool help? I have an addon car tool but I haven't used it yet.

  • @ethannn_ There has just been a game update, therefore you must copy the new update.rpf into your mods folder... but as you say you don't do that, which version of the game are you running then?

    The version you use alters how the mods can be installed.

  • Iam using the update version with patchday14ng - i think it's the latest version? How do I check? Someone told me a week ago but I forgot :/

  • @ethannn_ When you run the game, the version number is displayed on the Social Club launcher or on the loading screen in the bottom right corner.

    But depending on if you use the Steam version or the Retail version, it changes how you can install the mods.

  • Iam on the steam version.. so weird though since they installed fine before

  • @ethannn_ Check the dlclist.xml for errors, make sure all the <item></item> tags are correct and are the same case <item> and </Item> is not classed as a match.

    Make sure you have an updated gameconfig as well... beyond that I don't know as I use the Retail version which works differently, I have to use a mods folder, I have no choice.

  • Could you expand on the dlclist.xml thing you just said? Ok :)

  • @ethannn_ An xml file is made of elements or tags. At the start of each section, is an opening tag <item> and at the other end, is a closing tag </item>.

    They have to match and there can be no extra characters either before the opening tag, or after the closing tag, apart from spaces or TABs... or comments marked with <!-- -->

    <item>0000</item> or <Item>0000</Item> = valid

    <item>0000</Item> = invalid
    <item>0000</item># = invalid
    #<item>0000</item> = invalid

  • Thanks :)

  • @LeeC2202 Everything seems fine. Sorry forgot to tag earlier lol < Also two vehicles aren't aligned in the code would this make a difference? Before the update cars did work without the code being aligned but idk much about coding... But yeah everything seems fine in the dlclist. Not sure what to do :(

  • @LeeC2202 Here's a picture, not sure if it helps. http://imgur.com/a/hjHkp

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