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Missing feature mark.

  • Today I suddenly saw that my and Barak101 co-made CW The Flash Characters Pack isn't featured. It's strange, because currently it has 98282 downloads. I think that the problem is that when I asked @rappo to replace my old Metahuman Flash suit with this pack with keeping the number of downloads, after all the manipulations the pack got unfeatured. So I'm just asking for bringing back the feature mark. I've put pretty much effort into MP suits version and Barak101 have put even more while making addon peds version, so it's sad not having our work featured.

  • @OkaymanXXI Well yeah... it's because you asked me to delete the other file, which was the one that was previously featured. I can probably re-add the feature mark, will try it out later.

  • @rappo Thanks for feedback, will be waiting for re-featuring.

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