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Where to get this BMW 650i Convertible???

  • Yesterday i noticed this video on Youtube:

    It shows a BMW 650i Convertible and the publisher of this video describes the mod in the video as a "not released" mod. My question is how to get this awesome mod? Is there any possibilty to buy this mod? Is there anybody out there who sells GTA V exclusive mods?
    I've seen very often mods which are not released but i couldn't figure out who had done them. Maybe some of you know some Modders who sells some of their mods or anything like this.

  • @LPBoonio If you read the comments, like I did, you could've found out that it's a private mod. The best person who could answer your post is the owner himself. You should ask for it in his Facebook page. It seemed like the mod is for his personal use only. Also this thread was in a wrong section. I moved it to the correct section for you.

  • @V4D3R Yes, i've read the comments and the video description. I have already asked him in his comments from where he got this mod. The answer "it's private" doesn't give me any information about the place of origin. Is the video publisher the modder or only the owner of this private mod? If not, from where did he get that mod? Or did he buy this mod for himself as a private mod from another modder? I thought if there is any place in the net where i can find the answer to all that questions, it would be THIS forum. My bad, i was totally wrong!

  • @LPBoonio Well you answered your own question. Private means for "your use only". Lots of people make mods for their own use, not everyone wishes to share their work, and if he got it from somewhere else, it was likely on the condition that he keeps the source anonymous.

  • @LPBoonio The best option seems like to request someone else to create the mod for you. There're a lot of talented modders here, you should post a request, and someone will do it, if they like the car.

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