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Addon car conflict question

  • Here is my issue, I've installed a couple car packs and also some single car addons. a few of the cars in the car pack have the same spawn name as the single car addons and they were made by different people. I tried changing the names of the ytf files in the car pack so they wouldn't spawn but that the single mod would and now when i try to spawn that particular car nothing happens. i could modify the single car pack and change the names in it but I need to know what all would have to be changed in it to consitute a name change and be able to spawn it correctly.

  • @lytdyt86 You can't just change the name of the model files, you have to change that name in all the meta files as well.

    So vehicles.meta, carcols.meta, carvariations.meta and possibly handling.meta, all have to be changed to match the name of the changed model files. If it has tuning parts, then you might also need to change the name of all the files in the _mods.rpf file, along with the content.xml and setup2.xml as well... and possibly the actual _mods folder name.

    And if it does have tuning parts, all those will also need to be changed in the carcols.meta file.

    It's not just a simple 3 file rename, it impacts on pretty much every related addon file.

  • thank you, i tried to change everything but that didn't work out, not sure where i went wrong...was able to inject it into the car pack and replace the one that was in there so i guess thats ok

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