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Buggy model texture

  • Hey guys,
    I'm working on converting a model right now. I'm almost done, but I have a problem with the texture now. The problem is that whenever I load the ped with the addonpeds menu I can see the outlines of my model, but the texture is completely wrong. It looks like an uncomplete texture with leaves on it. And whenever I walk the texture changes the whole time, but not even once to the texture which should be displayed. Does somebody have a solution?

  • @Mr_Kerr That is a bad .ymt configuration issue. Example: If you take the .ymt from any ped and that ped has two textures in its uppr component, and you replace that uppr component but just add one texture, the graphics engine not recognize textures IDs and happen that weird issue of random textures from the near entities on the model .

    If you don't know how to edit the ymt files, so search and use any ped with the same number of variations in textures and models like your modded ped.

  • @Rarefacer My model has two textures right now. The diff and the spec one. Can you tell me how to make the normal one? It looks like I need three textures

  • @Rarefacer Or in general: How do I make the ..._normal_000 and ..._spec_000 files out of the ...diff_000_a_whi file?

  • @Mr_Kerr The priority textures are the difusses only, the engine only take care about the number of diffuse textures for ped variations.

    About how to create normal maps from diffuse textures, I recommend to you this tool:

  • @Rarefacer Alright. I added a normal map texture, but it didn't help either. Could the size be the problem? The size of the textures is 256 x 256.

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