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Suggestions for better website

  • I have great suggestions which will make this website great. :wink:

    Sub-categories for all categories.
    Player - Caps, T-Shirts, Shirts, Sweaters, Hoodies, Pants, Jackets, Accessories, Shorts...
    Cars - Trucks, Sport, Heavy, Bikes, Motorcycles, Unusual(Sci-fi)...

    Be able to have clicks on youtube video that we included If somebody will download your mod.

    Delete function that anybody can add video into your mod. If author want here video he will make video. (or make us able to turn off function of public adding videos into your mod page)

  • What do you mean with Suggestion #2?

  • @MRVone #1 is already done with tags

    Not sure about #2, please clarify

    #3 is a possibility. I don't like disabling that feature because this is a community and the point of it is to share our work and support everyone in the community. I've had the request a few times though, so I'll see

  • By number 2 do you mean automatic video clicks if someone downloads a mod? Wow, people would have a lot of money like that.....

  • @GTAVModder4Life yes or another variant: i mean something like 5mods currency with you can buy special mod or not free mod and you can exchange this currency into real money and back into 5mods currency, something in style of counter strik go skins. Create something which will help moders get money and be better every day and earn what they really deserve. :D but this is too optimistic idea, i want to make modders lifes better.

    I dont know propably this is shit idea.... ://

  • It's not a bad idea, but it's definitely not the direction I want to go with the site, sorry. The ability to pay for (or get paid for) mods won't go beyond the PayPal donation integration.

  • While its not a bad idea, I as a modder disagree. I want all mods to be free, and if I am correct gta5-mods.com is only for free mods. There are, however, many VIP/PayToPlay mods, but i dont think this will ever make its way to this site. @MRVone

  • @GTAVModder4Life I think you are right,

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