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Weird Handling with Addon Cars

  • @ReNNie
    What does it mean in the handling meta when your addon cars behave like this???
    Is it a conflict with the handling values and vehicle 3D model???

  • @rastakilla it means you are pressing the accelerator too hard or may be you don't use a controller and are using. A keyboard , because standard keyboards can't have pressure keys and when u press accelerator it accelerates to maximum speed all the time, start and also during turns ,

    Which means car looses traction under its wheels and looses control, pretty realistic my car does that too in real life.

    Soulutions: use a controller (game pad)


    Decrease fthrust values in handling meta that will decrease acceleration


    Increase traction values in handling meta

    Note increasing traction can cause I'm realistic static handling as if it's a solid rolling car with no feeling.

    When increasing or decreasing these values increase or decrese in small amounts like Increase 1 point or 0.5 . don't change huge numbers. Good luck.

    Fthurst = acceleration

    Traction = is wheel traction (grip)

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