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gameconfig Problem.

  • After changing gameconfig.xml my game got error
    Going off for a month
    Goodbye GTA and All forum members :'(
    PS : I have 877.1 patch, kindly help me and give me a proper gameconfig.xml
    Tried fresh install all mods but didn't work. Before changing the gameconfig.xml my GTA run smoothly. But after I adding 3 add-on cars and change the gameconfig.xml my game got error. Tried to remove those 3 add-on cars but didn't work soo yeah :(
    I'm very angry and upset rn. So I need some time to back on lane.
    @FoxtrotDelta @Frazzlee @Kwebbl @DarthPungz

  • @eltece this error is not related to gameconfig file most of the time. it's related to a replaced mod. mods folder or a malfunctioning add on .

  • @FoxtrotDelta no way, because I only change the gameconfig and the error just showed up

  • @eltece that's why we always keep a backup. did you keep a backup?

  • @FoxtrotDelta always, but don't have any kind of "boost" to restore gta 5

  • @eltece i will make a new topic out of this discussion as this topic is only for Screenshots.

    if you have a backup why don't you use the backup gameconfig file?

    Edit: topic moved. now you have a deditcated topic. try not hi jacking other topics :P

  • @FoxtrotDelta ayy thanks, not mean to hijack but yeah thanks for that :p
    and btw tried using the backup gameconfig.xml but no changes what so ever
    or maybe the updated openiv gave me the problem? hmm just curious

  • @eltece Aww thats really bullshit hope you can fix that fast

  • @Kwebbl thanks :)

  • That doesn't seem like a gameconfig error, that's the error message you get when the game thinks you have modified the original game files and needs to repair them.

    As that only applies to original game files, I would suggest that you verify the files, update to the latest version and ensure you have a mods folder set up.

    If you have modified the original game files, then you need to copy them into a mods folder before you do anything else, that way they won't be affected by the verify option. Although if you have modified the original update.rpf file, you will need to rebuild those mods into the updated version.

    I also get that when I change ScriptHookV versions, which usually results in the launcher needing to download a small update.

  • @LeeC2202 maybe I accidentally modified original file, because I never touch original files
    but btw, after I'm deleting folder mods, the game works fine, but when I just adding 1 add-on mod (that usually work) the erro just showed up again

  • @eltece You know, I was just thinking then... I had this error the other day and it was when I was testing my addon tool. I had caused it with a faulty content.xml file in an addon pack. I just can't think what the exact cause was...

    Go through your addon packs and check the content.xml files to see if they are pointing to a file that doesn't exist. Try looking for ones that have a _mods file in the content.xml but doesn't have the _mods.rpf file in the dlcpack.

    Like this kind of thing:

    		<overlay value="false" />
    		<disabled value="true" />
    		<persistent value="true" />

    or this


    I'm getting a bit tired now, it's 4:55am so my mind isn't working properly. I will try and remember more tomorrow.

  • @LeeC2202 ahh maybe that is the problem, thanks for that

  • didn't work :(

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