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[REL] VisualV

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    VisualV is a graphic overhaul modification for Grand Theft Auto V, bringing you a completely redone time cycle, edited timecycle modificators for areas/interiors, improved color correction to add some life to Los Santos and Blaine County as well as a fixed rendering code, so your playing experience will be more smooth and nicer.
    What was changed in VisualV?

    • All weathers rewritten from scratch, based on a hundreds of Los Angeles photos and movies.
    • Draw distance of lights was increased and they are more visible.
    • Moon movement is corrected (no more moonrise at west!).
    • Moon size was matched to the real world.
    • Volumetric fog effect was improved, now it's stunning as it should be.
    • Clouds colors, intensity and movement were built from scratch.
    • Shadows under vehicles are in higher quality, so they are no more not blocky.
    • Chromatic aberration and vignetting were removed from the normal gameplay.
    • Lens flares are all the same for three lead characters.
    • Dithering effect from the grass was removed for good, rainy weathers will make it great!
    • And many, many minor fixes.

    VisualV has own ReShade and ENB presets, with heat haze effect available only for VisualV.
    There are few optionals improvements, check them out!
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    Watch a comparsion video between vanilla graphic by R* and VisualV made by GSE Studio.

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    1.0.310 version:

    • Compatibility with Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit update (1.0.1011.1).
    • Fixed an issue with missing image tinting when using glasses.
    • Fixed an issue with not correct colors of particles.
    • More vibrant colors has been restored.
    • Bloom power have been reduced.
    • GTA Online support has been abadoned due to changes in anti-cheat system.

    Addon changes:

    • Grass dithering fix is using a DLC package instead of copying 10GB of x64 archives to mods folder. Remove x64a.rpf, x64g.rpf, x64i.rpf, x64k.rpf, x64l.rpf and x64m.rpf from mods folder (Grass improvement (no more grass dithering).

    OpenIV mod Package is included, you can install VisualV in few clicks!

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    If you have any suggestions and ideas, what can we improve or change in weather and post processing effects, feel free to say that! We are opened for the community!
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    If you like VisualV and other my productions, like converted vehicles or texture fixes, send a voluntary donation via PayPal, our hard work to bring the most beatiful enviroment will be rewarded!
    Volunatry donation

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    • OpenIV
    • Notepad++
    • Simple Native Trainer by sjaak327

  • @CP I have always loved and respect it !

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