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How do I save the game saves?

  • Hi, I wanted to know how I could save all your progress in the game, vehicles, objects, buildings. For example thanks to a modmenu to place the blocks are managed to create a structure that only when I close the game structure is not saved, is there any script that does save all progress?

  • @Thecirox6 Which modmenu are you using to place the blocks?

    Is it Map Editor, Map Builder or Menyoo? Or is it another mod?

  • Menyoo

  • @Thecirox6 Ah, I haven't used Menyoo. Usually though, there is an option where you have to Save Map or something like that.

    Because it is not part of the normal GTAV game, the game cannot save what you make. So you have to make sure you save it with the modmenu you are buiilding it with. Then when you next play the game, use that modmenu to load it again.

    Perhaps someone who knows more about Menyoo will be able to help more. But for now, see if you can find an option for saving and loading maps and that's what you need to use.

  • Ok, Thanks Man!


    They're some mods that allow you to save these kind of stuff, but can you specify more? For example, if you create a map (put different objects somehow making something) you can use trainers like Simple Native Trainer or Menyoo to save them, but you'll have to save and load manually. If you use Map Editor you'll have to manually save your "maps" but you can make them load automatically when you load your game.


    @EnforcerZhukov Map Editor XML files put it 'Grand Theft Auto V\Scripts\AutoloadMaps' will, doh, autoload. :) Not necessarily the prefered choice, btw, as Map Editor maps tend to be rather bulky, and can take ages to load.

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