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Chitauri like Wars Or Actual Avengers mod

  • This would be pretty dope. For example, Chitauri spawning and blowing shit up (like cars, gas stations, etc.) and targeting pedestrians. And to have the actual super heroes working together to stop the Chitarui, would be 10x doper.

    This could be like a survivor mode. Like you go a certain amount of waves. Every round, it gets harder (the huge snakelike chitauri aliens come out) If you survive, a Tesseract or something spawns for you to collect it or destroy it.

  • @Zoey said in Chitauri like Wars Or Actual Avengers mod:


    Nice idea, script pretty doable... And, models source?

  • @Rarefacer

    Hoping someone dope like @TheMadBreaker or @jr59 could get a good Chitauri ped like below
    alt text
    alt text

    For the weapon's substitution if it can't be made, they can use the Coil Railgun.

  • @Zoey The picture is a toy and exists some games with chitauris and are from Lego series, and others with not realistic models for a serious mod like http://pitermaksimoff.deviantart.com/art/Chitauri-MarvelFF-3DModels-594280444 but are too poor in detail.

    I preffer do a sponsored creation of pretty and realistic model concepts based in the design of Phil Saunders (Chitauri designer) like Chitauri soldier, Chitauri commander, Chitauri Leviathan if not appears good sources.

  • @Rarefacer Thing is, I mean it doesn't have to be the Chitauri. It can the alien model from the game. The idea was mainly about the script. I'm sure people will create models to the script users likings. Say like for example (stupid example lol ) If I wanted to use Franklins model as the main enemies, then as I complete waves, Michael and trevor models start to spawn.

    But in this case, We'd be using Chitauri, hoping MadBreaker can get some models done up. I subbed to his Patreon LOOL hope he'd be down.

  • @Zoey That is a clearer idea man. Exists a lot of alien models and sure anybody can convert them now or later. I'm only interested in the Leviathan and realistic AAA movie models and for now, the script is the main component needed for your request if those skin modders create your peds requests.

  • @Rarefacer ofc ofc.. I'm hoping I can get someone to start this up haha. Thought it'll be done since @JulioNIB is updating his Ironman mod.

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