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I need help!

  • Ive been modding alot the last week but i fcked it up so Ive cleared out everything and re-dowloaded the game several times. But when I did it today I try to open GTA 5 and it says: Corrupt game data. Please reboot, verify the game data, or reinstall the game.

    I didnt downloade any mods before trying to open the fresh game.

  • do you delete everything before?

    on /:c/user/username/documents

  • I deleted just the same way as last time, I go to steam and click ¨Delete all content¨ or whatever it says.

  • steam looking for some wrong gameparts?

  • @Aprath I recommend clicking "Delete all content" in Steam, then going into the GTA V folder in the Steam folder (the folder that you installed GTA V to) and deleting that. Sometimes Steam doesn't remove every file when you press the Delete all content button, especially if you've modified some files

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