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vehicles.img is nowhere to be found.

  • 1- Open Open IV or Spark IV

    2- Search for "vehicles.img"

    Vehicles is not there..

    so pease help installing Ghost Rider Bike

    Cause i cantget it to work ;(

  • @SnowWolfX That sounds like a GTAIV mod and that won't work in GTAV.

  • i am talking about the gta 5 mod.

    GhostRiderv2.4.. i dowloaded on the GTA5 site.

    The notes tell me i need to this to install it..
    the README of GhostRiderv2.4, which i donwloaded from This site...
    tell me this.
    this is in the Readme :

    You need to install the models for player and for bike (needs OpenIV: http://www.gta4-mods.com/tools/openiv-094-f11030)
    the models and how to install are on the folder "Models to replace":
    Download the models mod pack (Ghost Rider Mod Pack)

  • @SnowWolfX That link is to a GTA4 website, it's a GTA4 mod like I said.

    The GTA 5 version is here https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/ghost-rider-script-mod-julionib

    And that mentions nothing about vehicles.img

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