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[REQUEST]Could someone make a video on how to combine Mods into 1 file?

  • As per the title, could someone make a video on how to exactly combine Mods?
    Being autistic, I can't get it to work from the texted tutorials... :(

    Thank you beforehand.

  • Addendum: does anyone know where to find Mr. Kizacudo's pre-prepped Empty Mod Combination file?

    Thank you.

  • @Sammy1970 i think you are talking about this https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/222/tutorial-vehicles-weapons-how-to-do-add-on-s-replacer-s/505

    alot of mods like blood mods for example are number/value edits of certain areas of a file. You have to look at it line by line with notepad ++ and see whats different between the 2 mods you want to combine then edit the values. Kizacudo doesnt have any empty combination file.

  • Well, I know f the tuts here, but I need a video one, I'm afraid.
    Been googling for one, with no result...

    Downside of autism, we need a visual presentation in these matters. :(

    As for Mr. Kizacudo: if my memory serves me right, he had made an empty Mod.RPF, that held all needed folders (empty folders).

  • @Sammy1970 if you click that link tutorial Reyser is the one with the Empty.rpf and all the folders etc needed but its to combine addon cars into 1 big dlc addon. Its not to combine other mods just for cars or weapons.

  • @Willief23 Ah, my apologies, I misunderstood.
    Now, this is what I want to do, I have about 400 cars/car packs, and my game dislikes this many lose mods.
    So, I want to make all these mods into a single superpack, in the hope, the game will accept that instead. :)

    Euhm, brother, you're VERY kind to correct me in the identity of the maker, and to point me to the link that has the link to that file.
    But being a complete blind bat, I seem to miss the link to the actual file?
    Could you be so kind to link that file here, please?

    I read the posts there 5 times, but I simply do not see that link.... :(

  • @Sammy1970 I started to make one of these very things but abandoned the idea. The problem was that I could have quite easily showed the video doing it but then the person watching it could have downloaded a mod with one of the numerous variations on the file locations in the addon, making the info worthless.

    The modders don't all work to a consistent layout and that means that you can't guide people on how to find things in that layout. So I could have shown how to get a file from a certain path and the watcher discovers that path doesn't exist. That makes the video an unreliable source of information.

    And then of course you get those modders that decide that while you might have only downloaded a single car, they're going to bundle all the data for every car they've ever made into that one addon. Or the one addon will contain multiple cars, possibly even sharing data files.

    There is no one-size-fits-all solution, which is probably why nobody else has made a video either.

    The easiest way I can relate the process to you, is to think of combining addons, like combining books. Consider each meta file section as a chapter and each section of those files as a page. What you are ultimately doing, is taking those pages from each chapter and then stacking them into the new book. All you have to do, is make sure that each page stays in its own chapter.

    I don't know whether this image helps at all.

    If you need any of the other sections showing in a similar fashion, please just ask and I will do my best to convey the information in a more visual form if that helps.

    alt text

  • Or if you want me to build a complete addon pack, for three imaginary vehicles, using the terms I have used here, then I can do that as well.

  • Thank you good Sir.

    Yes, I noticed the differences between creators.
    Some place Vehicles.META in \dlc.rpf\common\data\levels\gta5, others for example in dlc.rpf\data.
    The idea however is to have a general view of how it's done.
    However, your book analogy made it quite clear.
    Crystal clear, I would say.

    Seeing I have a few (about 400 vehicle alone) mods, I'm going to have quite a task in front of me.

    Question, seeing that creators do not follow the same logic, and let me use my example here: do I need to have 2 Vehicle Meta Files?
    Or doesn't it matter whether this is put in say Data, or levels\gta5?

  • @Sammy1970 I always put mine in the data folder. The location isn't important, as long as the content.xml file points to that location. So I move everything to that one folder and it keeps things organised.

    The same goes for the vehicle.rpf file, that can be in different locations but mine always go in x64\vehicles.rpf

    The trick is to make it consistent in a way that you are comfortable with and then just make sure content.xml points to that location.

    As I said, if making that dummy pack will help, let me know. I can provide you with the 3 individual folders, one for each vehicle and then the combined addon pack to let you see how things merge together.

  • Oh, so I need to point a/some files to those locations?
    Means I will surely mess things up, knowing that I am quite distracted, continuously...


    Imma go sort the most important ones out, lesten the work a wee...

  • @Sammy1970 content.xml tells the game what files are in the dlcpack and where they are, so that file has to have the correct path to each file.

    That's probably one of the easier files to deal with though as it is pretty much the same in every dlcpack you will make. Unless you add vehicles with visible tuning parts, you don't have to change it when you add a new vehicle.

  • @Sammy1970 here is the link to the files needed to combine cars into a big car pack.


    also you can only make the dlc.rpf file around 3.90gb total in size. Any bigger and the game will refuse to load. You can get between 115-130 cars into 1 car pack.

  • @Sammy1970 Okay, see if this helps you in any way https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7LFvItVrwd0S0NyYkg3RVhIejQ/view?usp=sharing

    In that download there are 4 folders

    addonpack1 - Empty - This is an empty addon template folder, my own addonpacks are built from this,

    Individual addons - This folder contains 3 addons named imaginatively car1, car2 and car3. The folder contains all the files for a standard working addon vehicle.

    myaddonpack (data files) - This folder contains all the data files that would be used to create the addon pack. It is basically the 3 individual addons combined into a single pack.

    myaddonpack - This is the actual addonpack in a usable dlc format. You can add this folder to your dlcpacks folder, add the entry to your dlclist and you can spawn all 3 cars with their relevant names. The tuning parts folders are empty and are there purely for visualisation purposes. As a result, there is no carcols.meta in the completed addon pack data.

    With this you can see exactly how each vehicle fits into each data file, relative to the other vehicles. I found that once I could see how each vehicle worked, it made it much easier to add further vehicles to a pack.

  • @LeeC2202 why do you a folder for car mods rpf empty and car mods rpf outside ?

  • @BladeRJ The answer to that question is in the post above yours.

  • @LeeC2202 Thank you. :)

    @BladeRJ What Mr. Lee said.

  • @Sammy1970 No problem... when you get to a car with tuning mods and if you get stuck with carcols.meta and how it works with carvariations.meta, post back in the thread and I will add more info if needed.

    If you think along the same lines as vehicles.meta though, which has the two sections, <InitDatas> and <txdRelationships> in two separate places, carcols.meta is very similar in that it has <Kits>, <Lights> & <Wheels>... so it's just another chapter in the book effectively.

    vehiclelayouts.meta... now there's a very unpleasant kettle of fish... twenty sections in that one. :( But we'll get you building these packs though, don't worry. :slight_smile:

  • boyz I have a problem...
    I can spawn one car but cant spawn second or even third one I made everything good but only one car works...

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