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[MISC] Serial Killer/Mass Murderer Mod

  • So I came up with this idea for a serial killer/ mass murderer mod. It would basically use a specific weapon and location approach to kill marked peds in the game. I was also thinking (if possible) to have to relocate peds to a specific place on the map in order to complete the murder. Sort of like when you pick up hookers and have to relocate them to have sex, but you'd follow/relocate marked peds to a specific area of the map in order to make the murder count.

    I don't know how to code, but thought this would be a cool idea...i'm aware of the hitman style mods, but this mod would essentially make you have to murder with a hands on approach vs. long distance.

  • Awesome @sikeward just had a lack of ideas :D, thankfully I found this post, its kinda like the hitman. But I didn't understand should it be a area that you will locate the peds to murder in?

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