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Making Hong Kong Liveries: Need help with the language....

  • Hi!

    So I am getting ready to make a Police Volvo and a Firetruck livery for Hong Kong. Maybe I will make more, if people ask me to....Anyway, I don't know the language there, and so I was hoping someone could help me with what it says on these vehicles:

    Police Car:


    Also, would a police car have the same livery as the police S.U.V with the roof writing? I have searched up whether the writing is Cantonese or Mandarin, and discovered google is sometimes useless :| I'm assuming the police car says "police" in some sort of way, but I'm not sure about thee firetruck, and I really really want to make sure, because I want to upload.

  • Hi. I'm not great at Chinese, even though it's my heritage. However, Google Translate does have a pretty good handwriting mode, which is what I used. The writing system is called Chinese Traditional (as opposed to Chinese Simplified). You can't really say that Cantonese always uses one system while Mandarin always uses the other. However, Hong Kong is mainly Cantonese / Chinese Traditional.

    Anyway, the writing is already translated in your pictures. English is one of the official languages of Hong Kong, so the writing on official vehicles is written in both.

    消防 - Fire
    救援 - Rescue
    警察 - Police
    救護 - Ambulance
    救護車 - Ambulance

    Googling "hk police car license number on roof" shows that HK police cars do also have their license numbers printed on the roof, similar to your SUV picture. The rest of the livery also looks similar.

    This might be useful: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Police_vehicles_in_Hong_Kong

  • @O-Deka-K That was helpful thanks! I made and uploaded one police A4 and I think some quality in the Chinese writing is lost. It must be thin, can't be bold otherwise it's a mess.... I'm hoping it's something to do with the car and it's template. Though I doubt it.

  • @Namie243 Cool, I'll check it out later.
    Since you mention accuracy on your Audi A4 mod page, I'll point out that the Wiki page says that police vehicles always have a license plate that starts with "AM".

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