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Im new to this :D Check pls

  • Im sorry but i am new to this modding and all stuffs, i was wondering if someone can tell me how to make a custom car or plane like SkylineGTRFreak. I have a lot of free time and i want to make some Airplanes and tanks.
    Im Serbian and i want to make airplanes of Serbian Air Force and of course im not rasist or what ever.
    Can someone tell me, i will be a lot of happy :D

    Sorry for bad english.

  • @Marecar12
    OpenIV is recquired to export and import GTA V models and textures.
    First, you need to register in Zmodeler3 web page and buy any license (see how to acquire and activate a zmodeler3 license in that site forums). Yes, you can get 14 days of trial license the first time, but that's not enought to learn and convert vehicles, is necessary to pay for time of Zmodeler3 usage (~4.50 bucks per month).

    Next, to acquire general knowledge, you can start converting GTA IV vehicles to GTA V:

    If you want to get more creating from scratch, in YouTube exists tutorials searching "How to convert vehicles to GTA V" and you choose.

  • Thanks man :D

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