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Complete GTA5-mods.com site ban for users with repeated sock-puppet offences

  • Hi again.

    I just had encountered an idea to deal with the sockpuppets (people who register new accounts after their old one were banned).

    We know @rappo still allows banned users to access GTA5-mods.com to download files, but they just cannot login, rate and comment on files. However, there are just some users who cannot stop making new ones to spread offense/insult users and their mods. So, an idea would be blocking that user from accessing GTA5-mods.com completely.

    So, here's how it would look like as an example:

    1. User: John Doe has been banned permanently for offending multiple of Jonathan6506's mods and spamming the file ratings.
    2. User: Jack Doe has been banned permanently for registering multiple accounts, offending multiple of Jonathan6506's mods and spamming the file ratings.
    3. User: Jonathan Doe has been banned permanently for registering multiple accounts, offending multiple of Jonathan6506's mods and spamming the file ratings.
    4. User: Final Doe has been completely banned from GTA5-mods.com for registering multiple accounts offending multiple of Jonathan6506's mods and spamming the file ratings.

    Any ideas?

  • @Jonathan6506 easily workable, but might be considered Harsh. (my personal onion)

  • @FoxtrotDelta That's why it was for the 'worst case scenario'. The point, if a user keeps doing offenses (even registering multiple accounts to do them), and refuses to stop even when the admins had tried to stop them.
    @JacketW In most cases, unfortunately, sockpuppets doesn't end well, they are mostly get banned again.


    @FoxtrotDelta "in my onion" haha :P

  • @Kwebbl lol! :P didn't notice i'll keep it that way :)

    After all it's my Personal Onion!

  • @Jonathan6506 How would you deal with DHCP IP reassignments in this system? With mobile IP addresses especially being prone to change at every logon, the chances of another (innocent) user getting a banned IP are extremely high.

    Even with home routers, simply disconnecting your router for a while will force the ISP to reissue a new IP and to pass that old IP onto someone else. I can't do that because I have a static IP but the majority of users don't.

    And then what about VPN users, proxy users etc...

    This is why IP banning doesn't work so well, it is easily circumvented. All I would have to do if I got banned, was use a mobile device and get a guaranteed clear IP address, thus giving me a clear account.

  • @LeeC2202 i agree.

  • Useless. It's not a protection at all. Actually, it takes less than three minutes to go around and start posting again.
    When you own a website with such huge traffic per day, you unfortunately have to deal with these kind of problems.

  • @LeeC2202 How about these new ideas:

    • Ban entry to GTA5-mods.com for all devices that has been used by the banned user (e.g. a laptop)


    • Don't permit banned users to create new accounts, like Wikia (although this can be countered by switching IP Address)

  • @Jonathan6506 You can't identify a device without the MAC address and MAC addresses are not transmitted as part of normal WAN communication protocols.

    The unfortunate fact is, if someone wants to create a new account every time they get banned, there is very little you can do about it.

    What these types of people can't change though, is their attitude and that makes them easy to spot. Even if they try and disguise their behaviour, it won't be long before they drop back into character and resort to the same thing that got them banned.

    It has been seen on here before where a user has been banned, returned with a new account and was immediately exposed as that same banned user. There's an old saying about a leopard and its spots and for people who are intentionally malicious or disruptive, that is more true than ever.

    There will always be this type of person where they can hide behind anonymity, you just have to hope there are more good users to tip the scales in the right direction.

  • Anybody who wants to get to the site will - it's basically impossible to deny access to the site to someone. The main way to do it would be an IP ban, which I have done for some users. But anybody with a mobile data plan gets a new IP address everywhere they go - they can't be constantly blocked. There are already restrictions in place for users registering multiple accounts under the same IP address.

  • Nice idea , btw John doe? lmao roblox memez

  • @HeySlickThatsMe John Doe is just a sample name.

  • Maybe try to get his mac address too and ban it too, so he will need another device to get access, even if he is on mobile data.

  • Maybe i can help with identify MAC address, i have networking classes in my college and i can get help there from expert people.

  • @MAESTRE lol i like the way you think :)

  • @MAESTRE MAC address is rarely transmitted across WAN, it is more commonly used in a LAN environment for device authentication.

    So it would get transmitted between device and router, or device and wi-fi hotspot but not beyond that.

  • @LeeC2202 Yeah i know that, but obviously theres one way to get an id of his device or ban him with another way, i've seen some sites/servers doing that, so theres one way. I'll speak to some expert people to get some help, just to know how to do it and also for future projects too.

  • No, there is no way to get a unique device ID

  • @MAESTRE Then let me post some info from experts online:

    "No, a website should never be able to "detect" your MAC address, under any circumstances. The MAC address only identifies your NIC on the local network segment, it isn't passed upstream to a website that you're accessing via intermediate routers."

    Which is what I was saying... that information isn't passed beyond the access point.

  • Admin approved membership is another option. Or an automated system that opens registration every Friday. That would make it more difficult to create a new account so quickly. Guests can still access the website, forum-usage, or certain threads could be closed to only registered users, (negotiable). That's probably the best way you can tackle this problem.

    You could allow users to register any day of the weak, but it automatically approves on Friday, with that system doubled up with admin approved membership, that's probably the best way.

  • @JZersche thats a good idea.

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