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Cant Play Online

  • I have been playing around with mods on GTA 5 single player and decided to play online, but it said I am trying to access online with an altered version of the game, to fix this you remove dinput8.dll from the game files, but when I do, it uninstalls ASI loader from OpenIV, and when I try to load the game, It says ERR_GEN_INVALID, so when I reinstall ASI loader, it also puts dinput8.dll back in the game files, so I can play story mode, but not online. Any help??

  • @H3LIX cant use mods online , so scripthook v, openiv, trainers etc have to be removed out of folder. you have to remove the mods folder as well.

  • @Willief23 I know, and tried that, still same problem. If I dont have dinput8.dll I will get the error, but if I do, I cant play online. Nothing I can think of is working. I even tried removing all of the mods, still no luck.

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