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Question about gameconfig

  • What exactly is the line people change to allow more cars,since this is dependent on the game file version to work ? the method of downloading at random untill one work is frustrating.


    @BladeRJ I'd go with

    <VehicleMemoryMultiplier value="600"/>

    Adjust accordingly.

  • @BladeRJ what game version are you on? If you are on 1.01011 or 1.0.1032 try my gameconfig. Depending on how many car mods and other mods you have installed try folder 0 default and then work your way up in numbers till one loads. There is multiple lines you have to edit to allow more cars.

    Here is the link to my gameconfig:

    Read through the top half of the description if you want to increase fps while using my gameconfig.

  • Thank you both @meimeiriver and @Willief23 , i actualy wanted the line meimer mentioned, but your files are much apreciated.

  • @BladeRJ that one line by itself will not allow you to add more cars. You have to edit multiple lines. That vehiclememory is one of the last lines u edit to squeeze out more cars.

  • @Willief23 Forgive me for the placement but this has been a maze for me lol. How can I install a gameconfig at all, none seem to have instructions

  • @KushBeaver Place it in mods\update\update.rpf\common\data

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