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Map editing...

  • Time for me to look into something new! With the not-so-new OpenIV update, we're able to edit ymaps. I've been looking into it for a file and I've seen some people have already made maps using that function(Vice V), as it is added as a DLC. This thread is going to be the "info" topic for Map editing, and whenever I find something I'll post it down here.

  • So.... there is a _citye folder which has another folder, typically the name of the place. Then it has rpfs filled with model files(ydr) and a "name"_metadata file which contains the ymaps and the manifest file.

    In content.xml the line which defines the _metadata rpf is something like this:

          <overlay value="false"/>
          <disabled value="true"/>
          <persistent value="true"/>
          <loadCompletely value="true"/>

    Most of the things are same, but look at the bottom:


    I'm gonna keep looking into it.


    @AHK1221 said in Map editing...:

    I'm gonna keep looking into it.

    Please do! :) Been studying Franklin's fancy home that way too. Clearly, ymaps, when we can get 'em to work, will obsolete Map Editor overnight. Apart from real collisions, ambient occlusion, shadows, etc, these maps no longer bind us to just existing ingame props, either.

    Clearly some folks already know how to create full maps like this; and, equally clearly, they're not sharing. :P

  • @Dekurwinator What's wrong with embedded collisions? Anyway you can probably export collisions using gims.

    @meimeiriver Will do:)

  • Entry in MapDataGroups is not needed. YBN collisions are placed globally, they coords are the same as models spawned in game.

  • @Dekurwinator Can you show the paths to the files you have shown? Would be a big help.

  • @Dekurwinator You literally just rendered this thread useless. Anyways, THANK YOU!!!!!



    My mind is blown...

    How can I duplicate a hangar... Like if I wanted to take a hangar from Zancudo and put it at LSIA where the garbage trucks park?

    I always have wanted to make a California Air National Guard hangar there to put the awesome F-15 fighters.



    You have blown my mind twice in one day!!! I am going to have to try and understand all this! It is very exciting to me. THANK YOU!


    @Dekurwinator Mind blown! :) Very good work!!

    We live in very exciting times for GTA V! :)


    I expect very cool maps (homes/garages, etc) to appear in the 'maps' section soon. :) Seriously, though, this could become VERY big.

  • so people , is this a new thing in gta 5 , are we able now to edit the map like removing : buildings , adding our own buildings ???


    @huntrino yes, since the last Open IV update :)

  • @huntrino so we can remove buildings ? :D Greaat



    What I would like to figure out is how to remove or edit a vehicle spawn anchor...

    Like the limos and the van in front of the hangar at LSIA... I want them gone forever!


    @Dekurwinator Thank you for coaching me on this! I will try to give it a try on Friday :)



    How might I edit the ground to make a taxi path and parking area in front of the hangar and a floor to the hangar (removing grass).

    Haha... I don't mean to be a bother I greatly appreciate your kind support.

  • Thanks for this, even though I was no where apart of this conversation in the first place lol. Really thanks, I'm doing a Map Editor Mod myself and want to add some scary new models around the map.


    @DarthPungz Perhaps someone of the moderator team should add a 'ymap' tag to the MAPS section of the board (next to 'Map Editor'). :)

  • Some object cannots be removed by MapEditor or Menyoo. Is there a way to delete them ?

  •   <carModel>stretch</carModel>
      <flags value="3680"/>
      <flags value="3683"/>

    So what are the flags about @Dekurwinator, have you (or anyone else) figured that out?

    1. How to remove the taxis at the taxi stand?
    2. How to create a map without missions? Just a "naked" map..)))

  • @AHK1221 Hello i want to help with you mod

  • @AHK1221 Hey buddy; Have you ever figured out how to remove occlusions? Would like to mod currently existing buildings, but need to know how to remove them (properly) to make some map modifications!
    If not, AHK, @dekurwinator?

  • @Blazed-Chillist, Yeah, I'm looking for the same thing. However, all I've found so far is you need Codewalker to get rid of spawns or props on areas of the map you don't want and 'zmodler' or '3DS Max' to properly make MLO's and remove collisions and occlusions. Best way I've found so far without those other options is to place walls and props with collision either in front of or in the middle of occlusion lines. It's not perfect as it takes away space within the interior you want to use, but it beats the alternative. Unfortunately, some are so bad even that doesn't help and you have to just move on. On occasion even when you get an object with collision in the right spot, the occlusion will require you to make an 'invisible wall' from a prop and keep the collision. Bottom line, if you're building inside existing structures and don't have access to those other programs, you'll have to either build around the bad spots or just move on. Hope that helps....

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