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Map editing...

  • @DarthPungz how to make working paths for cars i dunno yet, but for parked taxis near hangar you can use <carGenerators> in ymap, about removing things on existing map its not easy, need to edit .ybn files, cuz when you deleteobject like building there will be gone in game but collision will stay, so to remove something need to remove it from ybn collision too. Many materials are stored in ybn like grass, concrete, snow ect. So need to edit both ybn and ydr files. Or you can simply make litle terrain in 3dsmax and put on that place by ymap to "cover it". If it simple vegetation not terrain you can find it in ymaps and delete inputs for that vege.

  • Thanks for this, even though I was no where apart of this conversation in the first place lol. Really thanks, I'm doing a Map Editor Mod myself and want to add some scary new models around the map.

  • @DarthPungz Perhaps someone of the moderator team should add a 'ymap' tag to the MAPS section of the board (next to 'Map Editor'). :)

  • Some object cannots be removed by MapEditor or Menyoo. Is there a way to delete them ?

  •   <carModel>stretch</carModel>
      <flags value="3680"/>
      <flags value="3683"/>

    So what are the flags about @Dekurwinator, have you (or anyone else) figured that out?

    1. How to remove the taxis at the taxi stand?
    2. How to create a map without missions? Just a "naked" map..)))

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