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[SCRIPT] [WIP] Freemode Cops


    I think Freemode MP peds are very useful to make NPC world more dinamic. Why watching always the same peds with the same 3 or 4 faces, when you can use Freemode peds and randomize their face, hair, facial stuff, tattoos and other stuff to make them look different from each other?

    So I though It would be a nice idea spawning new ped models that are, indeed, Freemode peds, acting as cops. I don't know if the approach of using a script for this is the best, but for now It's working more or less OK.

    The idea is making a script with customizable "cop groups", where we can customize the appearance and other stuff like their guns and vehicles. Each spawned (randomized male or female) ped-COP will spawn with a random gun, a random face, hair, and different accesories that would be customizable as well, but keeping other things fixed, like the upper clothes.

    Here are some screenshots of the freemode cops fighting with the native cops against the player:

    Let me know what do you think!

  • This actually looks really cool, ped diversity is never a bad thing and implementing the freemode MP characters in random variation sounds awesome. I would get it for sure

  • Good idea

  • @EnforcerZhukov
    Sweet Christmas, I love this, Z! Can you make a script to make Freemode MP citizens?

  • If I understand correctly, you used GTAO's ability to generate random player faces, and put them into cops? Or GTAO ALREADY has random cops, and you implemented the feature into SP?

    Either way that sounds real nice, but IMHO you should keep it consistant, I'm not sure a cop with a purple mohawk would be very realistic :pp

  • @zebracherub nope , he just spawned Multiplayer male and female with cop outfits from heist update and random hair/head etc

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