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[VEHICLE] [Aircraft] Boeing B-47 Stratojet request accepted.

  • I've noticed that there's an increasing number of World War 2 and 1950's-era planes being made into mods, so the next step would be to have one of the earliest Swept-Wing Bombers used by the USAF, The Boeing B-47 Stratojet! I would love it if this plane is made for GTA V, and I feel it would be great to fly this beauty around the game's wide variety of environments.


    The B-47 Stratojet was intended for use as a high-altitude, long range strategic bomber, effectively taking the role its predecessor, the B-29 Superfortress, had.

    Plans for a jet-powered bomber had been in existence since 1943, but aircraft manufacturers couldn't find a way to make a jet-powered aircraft that large with the straight wings of the day, until some secret axis power documents that had been decrypted solved the puzzle; use swept wings!

    While the B-47 never saw action in the Second World War, it became one of the USA's main bomber aircraft in the first few years of the Cold War before being surpassed and replaced by the B-52 Stratofortress.

    This plane was intended to fly high enough so that interceptor aircraft couldn't reach it, and would presumably be used on a hypothetical nuclear bombing of the Soviet Union, although no such mission ever arose.

    In addition, the B-47's design helped influence future jet airliners and its own successor, the B-52 Stratofortress, which is still in service today!

    What I can provide
    Recently, I decided to purchase Virtavia's fantastic B-47 addon for FSX, and as such I now have the model files, and will be more than willing to provide them to anyone who decides to go ahead with bringing it to the world of GTA V. I might also be able to provide a small donation if needs be.

    With that being said, I look forward to hearing back from you guys, and hope this mod might happen!

  • Bump.

  • @Kiryu skyline gtr freak is making a few and i am making a few. they will be here soon. ofcourse if there is a Donation involved things could speed up.

  • Alright. I've got plenty of models that I could provide too, but I imagine you guys probably have plenty.

  • Just out of interest, what amount of money would you prefer in terms of donations?

  • @Kiryu anything helps, we can afford zmodeler 3 , eds max, download quality models, anything from 15 to 30 to 50 and at times, for more demanding mods you could go higher,

    Totally depends on quality of a mod :)

  • Okay, I'll definitely consider it! It'd be awesome to see this jet in GTA V. How would I go about donating to you or anyone else who would be willing to carry out this project?

  • @Kiryu you can Donate in my paypal and i can start right away. Usually Modders have provided Paypal link on their profiles. Mine is even in my signature cuz i want to be More Active.

  • Okay, sounds great! Should I provide the model files too? I have the entire FSX addon ready for conversion, but I could always convert the files if needs be.

  • @Kiryu I have a B-47 stratojet. show me the link of B-47 stratojet you have. may be it's better than the one i have. we shall compare and choose the best one. i have 2 models.

  • The one I have is the Virtavia B-47 sold on Steam as DLC for FSX.


  • @Kiryu i have it in my FSX :) i have an even better one than virtavia's. let me know. if you want it made by me. Skyline is working on B-17G and B-52. i can work on this, depends on you.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Ah, awesome! In that case, I'd say definitely go for the better model. I'll send in a donation shortly, and I look forward to seeing this go ahead :)

  • @Kiryu just awesome. Just so you know, Donation would make me prioritize its development, otherwise I or someone else might make it in future not sure when but yea. Donations help me work all motivated, I hope people don't mind me working this way :)

  • Sending a donation of 15 dollars right away!! I understand - Work on creating awesome stuff for this game deserves something from my end!

  • @Kiryu that would be cool 😎

  • Donation has been sent! This has gone much more smoothly than I expected :)

  • @Kiryu :) indeed. I'll start soon once I finish the mods that are near completion. I hope you can be patient :) finalizing , g91 mod, humvee mod, mig 35D mod , 1 car mod at the moment. Once these are finished I'll work on b-47 yours and another mod request i got last week :)

  • Ok! I'll keep my eyes peeled :D

    Seeing how well this went, I'll definitely consider requesting other aircraft in the future!!

  • @Kiryu cool moved it to WIP section under my name as i have accepted the request.

  • Awesome! I'm really glad this has gone so well! I will definitely consider making more requests in the future :D

  • Any news on how it's going?

  • @FoxtrotDelta b-b-but I have already done the B-52 o: (I know this is about the B-47, but you said I was working on the B-17 and B-52 xD )

  • @SkylineGTRFreak oh i see.

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