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[SCRIPT] Shared bank accounts

  • Hello i would like a script where money is shared between characters that way if you use i'mnotmental's SPA/Benny's mods in conjunction with custom skins (aka skin control, add-on ped or EUP) you would be able to use the characters money in a shared manner .
    Lets say for example you play as Franklin. Right? So you have money from Trevor and Michael's money all shared between characters. Later down the road if you can make the main protagonists share their money in to a mega account maybe you can add the MP characters to have that.
    The code to make the mod is right there because we can already use Skin control to make the faces and then go in to i'mnotmental's SPA mod and change clothes and even buy houses and cars with MP characters. So why can't we share the accounts/money? Yes i do have the legal version of the game on DVD's so its not like its a torrent but i want to play offline with mods. So would someone help?
    Thanks in advance!



    Seems pointless, no offense intended. Why not just use the trainer to give your players money?

  • @DarthPungz Roleplay, maybe?

  • @DarthPungz Some people don't like to cheat money into the game. I have the exact same problem as the OP. All my characters have an unbalanced amount of money but I won't use a trainer to add more.

    And considering that some businesses are locked to one person, if that person doesn't have enough money, there is no earning potential to get more beyond cheating... so you never get to own the business. I didn't use any of the money earning tricks in the game, so I ended up with no more than about $30 million per character, if that.

    Having a legitimate way to shift money between characters would be a good idea. I also wish there was a way to sell businesses between players, so that I could distribute businesses slightly better between the characters, having not balanced that quite rightly as well.

  • @DarthPungz Because i'm a Vanilla Modder or that kind of player. I don't use trainers and i dislike the idea of cheating in GTA 5.

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