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How to reload .ASI mod in game?

  • so....im finding a mod that can reload .ASI mod in game ,is there any mod that have this features?


    @zh465 Let me quote ScriptHookV SDK's readme:

    Runtime asi script reloading:
    	In order to use this feature you must create empty file called "ScriptHookV.dev"
    	in you game's main dir. While being ingame press CTRL + R, beep sound will tell
    	you that all loaded scripts are fully unloaded and you can replace your *.asi,
    	press CTRL + R again to load the scripts, triple beep will indicate that
    	everything is loaded. You must have the call to scriptUnregister() SDK func in
    	your plugin's DllMain in order reloading feature to work correctly,	see
    	NativeTrainer\main.cpp for more details.
    	Script reloading can be applied only to the *.asi plugins which were loaded
    	normally, i.e. using asi loader when the game was started. Script reloading is
    	performed by script hook and not by asi loader.

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