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[Vehicle] Forza Horzion Traffic cars

  • so we like forza cars in gta v but we have one traffic car converted from forza horizon called the toyota rav4 that replaces radius


    Nissan Leaf but we already have a leaf in gta v

    Toyota Prius From forza horizon replace dilettante and do a Merryweather and taxi Variant

    Toyota Corolla 1996 .

    Coach bus Replacing the Dashound with Greyhound and other liveries

    2010 Ford Explorer replacing Landstalker

    Dodge Durango 1999 replacing seminole

    Toyota Camry 2007 replacing Asterope

    Volkswagen Beetle

    Chrysler pt Cruiser

    Ford Focus Replacing Premier

    Gmc yukon xl replacing Cavalcade

    Volvo Xc70 replacing ingot

  • @Dannybus the author himself said in another thread he had to rebuild the car almost from 0, all trafic cars are empty to say the least when we talk about interior and important stuff. Unless you find people with that much free time, i dont see it happening. It could if in someway you find the cars you listed way more detailed from other sources

  • @Vans123 couldn't agree more

  • @Jonathan6506 give me some 3d cars modeles from gamemodels.ru i already signed in but i ddint have acces to download 3d models

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