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[SCRIPT]War with War Pack 3x1 (Add-On)?

  • Hey so i've been wanting a war script mod. A mod that makes the world of GTA V an all out war zone. Preferably with this pack: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/war-pack-add-on to have an extremely large variety of war vehicles. Things like dogfights, soldiers battling each other, tanks shooting, mines near roads, strategic combat, civilians hiding and running out of fear of being killed. Basically a real WW3 mod in which i can play a role. It'd be awesome to add compatiblilty for added ped models to have more variety in soldiers. Anyone willing to create such a script? Can it be done?

  • Funny thing, it is exactly what I'm working on.

  • What, really? Wow awesome :D

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