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  • Introduction

    Seeing the new war vehicle and ped models being uploaded so often, I started asking myself "How come isn't there a war mode or something similar?". Well, there are already some scripts triggering chaos such as "Riot mods" but it is not close to a real urban warfare. This mod is aimed to offer a whole new combat experience, highly inspired by Battlefield 2.


    • Factions :
      • Civilians : Unarmed people, taken has hostages or simply trying to escape the war
      • Army : Self-explainatory
      • Enemy : Opposing force
      • Police : SAPD gathered as one
      • Hostile : Gangs, armed civilians, local resistance, private militia
    • Different classes : (entierly scripted from scratch, for peds and player)
      • Engineer
      • Medic
      • Sniper
      • Default ( Assault)
    • Multiple gamemodes :
      • Freeroam
      • Capture objective
      • Vehicle warfare
      • Defuse bomb
    • Backup support (for Army & Enemy teams):
      • CAS (Jets, Helicopters)
      • Transport
      • Ground (APC, Tank, Light vehicle support)
      • Artillery
      • UAV
      • Vehicle drops and crate drops
    • Squad leader mode :
      • Fully customize your squad : skin model, weapon, accessories
      • Command menu (such as the "commo-rose") with custom orders
    • Random events :
      • Crossfire
      • Recon missions
      • Intercept convoys
      • Destroy unknown objectives
      • Rescue civilians
      • Assist friendly factions
    • Tickets system :
      • Each gamemode has a defined number of tickets exactly as in Battlefield
      • Killing peds decreases tickets by one
      • Destroying vehicle decreases tickets by ten
    • Ped interaction :
      • Arrest and turn to prisoner
      • Recruit people
    • Vehicle interaction :
      • Ammo crates in vehicles
      • Gunner seat
    • Fully customizable : Weapons, Vehicles, Peds models can be defined by the user which means vehicle/ped addons are highly recommended

    Base logic

    *:information_source: Only a few example are described


    Also known as "Capture Points" (CP), these are capturable zones. Once an outpost has been captured, units from the team owning it will automatically spawn and start doing random actions (patrolling, wandering, etc). An outpost generally contains sandbags, barbed wire, one heavy vehicle, some light vehicles and supply crates. Enemy outposts can be attacked and friendly outposts have to often be defended.


    The first and base gamemode is the freeroam one. In this mode, the player doesn't have a clear goal and can encounter random events. The other gamemodes are triggered by "Radio callouts".

    Capture objective

    This gamemode is triggered by a callout and the player can choose whether he wants to attend it or not. Two different factions start fighting against each other with a limited number of tickets. Random backups are triggered for the opposing force while the player can choose his own backup. If the player wins, the objective (which is an uncaptured outpost) becomes a friendly outpost.


    *:warning: This section will be updated two to three times a week.

    • Core scripting :
      • Ped classes : 95%

      • Vehicle classes : 0%

      • Gamemodes : 45%

      • Random events : 0%

    • Backup scripting :
      • CAS (Jets, Helicopters) : 50%

      • Boat : 0%

      • Transport (Air): 0%

      • Ground : (APC, Tank, Light vehicle support) 100%

      • Artillery : 0%

      • UAV : 0%

      • Vehicle drops and crate drops : 0%

    • Squad scripting :
      • Custom command menu GUI : 60%

      • Orders : 80%


    Currently being uploaded. Keep in mind that everything is subject to changes and I prefer to upload screenshots/videos when they are revelant.

    • Engineer at work :

    Other informations

    Type Data
    Author winject
    Version 0.4.5
    Release date -
    Compatibility ScriptHookV.dll , ScriptHookVDotNet.asi
    Code metrics ~5000 lines

    Suggestions and discussions

    I'm opened to all suggestions and improvements so don't hesitate to respond to the topic with your ideas.

  • Wow this is totally awesome. I'm downloading this tomorrow when i wake up :D

  • @winject man this is great :D is it possible to have an ini to set different peds/vehicles to take part in this script/activity ? Like making add-on ones to work ?

  • @Elope said in [SCRIPT] [WIP] - WarV:

    @winject man this is great :D is it possible to have an ini to set different peds/vehicles to take part in this script/activity ? Like making add-on ones to work ?


    Fully customizable : Weapons, Vehicles, Peds models can be defined by the user which means vehicle/ped addons are highly recommended

    I can't wait for this. I don't see it uploaded yet.

  • @winject Besides scripting any help needed from me, shall be given. this is going to be great!.

  • Can you add carrieer

  • Can you add boat mission and create military base

  • @enjoythekilling It's not finished yet.
    @FoxtrotDelta Thanks for your support!
    @Armand33 Well the carrieer is something I haven't thought about. However I can try to add boat support.
    Thanks for the video by the way.

    Here are some news :

    • Capture objective gamemode is now finished :white_check_mark:
    • Gameplay HUD has been added (such as current tickets, objective name, etc) :white_check_mark:

    Currently working on :

    • Backup scripting :wrench:

  • I'm looking forward to when it's finished :)

  • @winject
    If @sollaholla's Space & Zombie scripts, along with JulioNIB's mods are Christmas...
    If the scripts/mods of @NotCrunchyTaco, @jedijosh920, and many talented others represent Hanukkah...
    Then this script is a milestone birthday.

    Can't wait to try this out in the field. Keep on the good work.


  • @BatKnight Lol, thanks man! that means a lot! :D

  • @BatKnight Even if the mod is in early-stage (which means only the most important functions have been coded), I still find myself enjoying the firefight. I guess the final version will be even more interesting.

    Here's a short update of what I've worked on recently (v0.2):

    • Squad system for NPC's : :white_check_mark:
      • NPC's squads have a squad leader which follows your orders temporary and a maximum of 7 members . This means you can call multiple squads at once and it will look exactly as if you had x number of bodyguards with you.
    • Backup system :wrench:
      • Army ground support is mostly finished :wrench:
      • Next step is making the chopper AI :negative_squared_cross_mark:
    • Custom settings (.ini and .xml) : :wrench:
      • Created the custom config files which allows the player to choose his own ped/vehicle models (dlcs for example) for his class presets
      • Added ability to choose weapons and attachements
      • Still need to figure out what is a custom setting and what is not, yes because it becomes quite a mess after a while

    What's planned for v0.3 :paperclip: :

    • Finishing the entire backup scripting (see the first post for more details)
    • Uploading new media content?

    Thanks again for your support.

  • @winject Sounds awesome. Can't wait to play it.

  • How's progress coming along?

  • I second @enjoythekilling's question.

  • each faction ll have different vehicles?? (i think about russian faction, us faction, chinese faction, french, ...)

    In fact how many do u think??

  • @Voltrock I can provide many vehicles for this project

  • @winject NICE man!

  • Nothing to share yet?

  • @enjoythekilling Hello, I know I've remained silent for a while about this project.
    I have finished most of the core scripting and I'm currently struggling with addon vehicles. Not only GTA V is known to be unstable with such dlcs (sometimes dlcs won't load or they get corrupted), but it seems addon vehicles are not working as intended. I have to get in touch with some of the modders who created those vehicles before I can go further.

  • Okay. That's nice to hear. Do you think it's possible to share a beta release? :)

  • does the roadmap still update three times a week??


    LOL looks promising! I wish you good luck with the project! :D
    BTW, have you though about some kind of D-Day - like battle? Spawn a lot of boats full of soldiers and make them take a beach or something. Even paratroopers!

  • Good idea :)

  • Great ! Finally a fantastic way to play with all the military stuff available on gta5-mods, I can't imagine with lots of add-ons spawned ,
    this will be amazing [:

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