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  • @rastaman_72 I can't lie to you, I did forget to update it.
    I'm still dealing with the addons issue and waiting for the official military DLC to take a peak inside their archive and eventually keep on scripting. I was also prompted to make a port for FiveM (which would honestly make some things way easier to deal with) but only patience will give answers.

    I might release some plugins seperately though. Thanks everyone for showing your support again.

  • I've been thinking about scripting something like this for a long time, happy to see someone actually doing it!
    And I'm liking the feature list.

    What issues do you have with the Addons, do they crash your game, prevent it from loading...?

  • Idea for the plot:

    A nuke goes off in the Middle East. Russia and its former puppet states ( even the non Soviet Ones) recreate the Confederation and declare war on the capitalist world, inclusive of China. The US stays out of the conflict due to the rise in gas prices, but everything changes when the West Coast is invaded by Russian special forces, infantry and tanks, aided by Isreal. You are either one of the main characters or another person when this happens.

    Do you save your country or let it fade away?

    • Uniforms:

    Regular Cops ( Monarch Shotgunners)
    SWAT ( Ghosts Pack)
    NOOSE Agents ( AW Marines)
    Army ( Battlefield 3 uniforms)

    • Weapons

    Combat Mg
    Assault Shotgun
    Special Carbine
    Heavy Pistol ( Special Forces only)
    Marksman Rifle ( Marines only, scope)
    Heavy Sniper (Marines only, scope and suppressor
    Advanced Rifle ( FBI and NOOSE only)


    • Throwables**

    Tear Gas

    Association of Marxist-Lenist States ( main enemy)

    • Regular Infantrymen:

    Russian Battlefield skins

    Turkish Skins

    Occupational Police:

    Merryweather Operatives


    Assault Rifle
    Heavy Sniper
    AP Pistol


    • Grenades
      Sticky Bombs
      Proximity Mine

  • @Brandon-Danvers you may be able to customize it , take a look at the first post

  • Do you have plans for top-down gameplay, like a commander/mission control mode?

  • Customization of the plot and the uniforms is possible but this is only an idea.

  • Commander mode could be a combination of Call of Duty Campaign gameplay and that of the Tom Clancy game Endwar (2008), which involves you fighting as a commander of an elite squad ( US Joint Strike Force, EU Enforcer Corps and Russian GRU) to conquer what's left of the world after an apocalypse. Like Endwar we could choose which faction we want to join, however the British Commonwealth appears as a joinable enemy faction and the EU is neutral. ASEAN could also appear as an EU ally against the AMLS (Association of Marxist-Leninist States).

  • Weapons could be TrophiHunter's Ultimate Battlefield Weapons Pack or f0rest's Mega Weapon Pack. Armored vehicles ( a mod for that is on the site) is also necessary, to enhance realism.

  • ok update is out what are your plans?

  • I'm still eagerly awaiting it and looking forward to an update.

  • @winject any updates on this or still peeking through the new dlc files?


    @winject this doesn't even look like GTAV anymore like a whole new game, good work

  • All right, here's the situation so far :

    • Core scripting is done, only one gamemode has been finished though (Capture the objective)
    • GUI (command menu, better notifications, binoculars, drone cam ,etc) is still in progress
    • Combat AI for peds is finished

    Most painful parts :

    • Understanding why some DLC addon vehicles won't work as expected (e.g : combat heli not shooting, land vehicles with mounted weapons can't be controlled by peds sometimes), this is the hardest part to deal with because everything in theory should work and does work with vanilla vehicles
    • Researching accurate objects for immersion, saving positions
    • Researching and testing animations, syncing anims between peds
    • Creating the AI from scratch for all classes, this is also when I realized Rockstar had poorly written their own AI (single task support, task sequences are not enough for complex tasks), for example, I couldn't rely on the combat natives to create realistic firefights.

    My free time for programming got limited as well, unfortunately GTA5 mod developpement requires a lot of research and tests, sometimes you can write a page of code and have it executed by the book, some other times, you have to restart from zero in order to understand your previous mistakes.

    As time flew by, I realized this project needed even more testing than I thought, here are some stats :
    To create the engineer class it took (in total):

    • 2 hours of animation syncing, offsets saving
    • 1 hour of object/props syncing (blowtorch particles effect, mask pos, earprotection, etc)
    • 6 hours of AI coding (~750 lines of code)
    • 3 hours of debugging and in-game testing

    which is 12 hours in total.

    The capture objective (based on BF) gamemode took roughly 40hours of programming. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying "hey this is taking too much time, I'm not sure I will be able to finish it", but it's not a project where I can neglect some aspects. I am myself a huge fan of realistic military games and as a former sergeant I can't really ignore some minor mistakes related to the immersion.
    I also always keep an eye on this thread (even if I seem to be invisible) to read your suggestions and comments, I write them down on paper and then think of the ways I can integrate them into the current source code or how I can improve the current things. So, patience will be the key for this project.

  • @winject you is a bossman brother

  • @winject Great to hear from you. In the end it'll be worth the wait.

  • While reviving my old, unreleased and little warzones script I remembered about a simple but useful feature.

    You know in most FPS games with skirmishes, when you spawn in your base and see all the NPCs running around, you get in a car/tank/heli and hope they get up with you? Some games allow you to honk so NPCs join you.

    If this idea is compatible with your gamemode, it would be nice to have. Basically, have them join your playergroup, like the ingame bodyguards system.

    Wether WarV has an AI command system or not, this would be an easy way to recruit people to work with you, be it just behaving as bodyguards or be subject to the AI command system.

    Great to see you're making progress! However i can't help but notice a glaring lack of pictures. Mind sharing one or two next time, so we have an idea of how it would look?

  • how is it going do you already have a release date?

  • When will this get released

  • I suggest you to make michael,franklin and trevor army outfit

  • @Eddlm @rastaman_72 Definitely something I would include in this project. I don't know if you have ever played Battlefield 2 in singleplayer mode, but this is exactly how the AI Team behaviour works.

    I'm aware this page is seriously lacking of media showcasing the mod, but a lot of sutff I'm currently writing is volatile and I don't have the feeling it's really showing the real purpose of the mod. Anyways, as I've mentionned in in my post above, this mod went from full developement into research mode for a while as I can't rush things anymore. I've also decided to split some features and make them available as single releases on the main website. For example, the helicopter camera is derivated from a chopper script-based missions I wrote few months ago. I also want to keep the whole mod as "lore-friendly" as possible, this means I won't be adding some fancy external HUD or content from other games but I will actually dig into the game ressources and find out how I can build it.

    I'm currently working on the following standalone mods :

    • Custom backup system (based on GTA's Online system, with some AI tweaking), here's a GUI preview
    • SquadV, squad manager (very similar to @Eddlm 's mod with extended options (ped classes, including an interactive command menu), it is based on an unreleased SWAT4-like command menu I made in the past, watch it here as an example
      :warning: Serious framedrop in-coming, not sure what happened while recording..
    • Another script related to squads but I won't go too much into details for obvious reasons.

    Thanks for showing your support again, I really appreciate it.

  • Dayuuuuum. This is a great looking mod! I'll be keenly following progress till finish

  • So how are things going?

  • @winject Is this coming out?

  • Ya still working on this winjet? I would really like to see this released! Ooh the joy of killing Soviets with my good ol' M4 with a scope, extended clip and lots of other goodies!

  • @winject said in [SCRIPT] [WIP] - WarV:


    Seeing the new war vehicle and ped models being uploaded so often, I started asking myself "How come isn't there a war mode or something similar?". Well, there are already some scripts triggering chaos such as "Riot mods" but it is not close to a real urban warfare. This mod is aimed to offer a whole new combat experience, highly inspired by Battlefield 2.


    • Factions :
      • Civilians : Unarmed people, taken has hostages or simply trying to escape the war
      • Army : Self-explainatory
      • Enemy : Opposing force
      • Police : SAPD gathered as one
      • Hostile : Gangs, armed civilians, local resistance, private militia
    • Different classes : (entierly scripted from scratch, for peds and player)
      • Engineer
      • Medic
      • Sniper
      • Default ( Assault)
    • Multiple gamemodes :
      • Freeroam
      • Capture objective
      • Vehicle warfare
      • Defuse bomb
    • Backup support (for Army & Enemy teams):
      • CAS (Jets, Helicopters)
      • Transport
      • Ground (APC, Tank, Light vehicle support)
      • Artillery
      • UAV
      • Vehicle drops and crate drops
    • Squad leader mode :
      • Fully customize your squad : skin model, weapon, accessories
      • Command menu (such as the "commo-rose") with custom orders
    • Random events :
      • Crossfire
      • Recon missions
      • Intercept convoys
      • Destroy unknown objectives
      • Rescue civilians
      • Assist friendly factions
    • Tickets system :
      • Each gamemode has a defined number of tickets exactly as in Battlefield
      • Killing peds decreases tickets by one
      • Destroying vehicle decreases tickets by ten
    • Ped interaction :
      • Arrest and turn to prisoner
      • Recruit people
    • Vehicle interaction :
      • Ammo crates in vehicles
      • Gunner seat
    • Fully customizable : Weapons, Vehicles, Peds models can be defined by the user which means vehicle/ped addons are highly recommended

    Base logic

    *:information_source: Only a few example are described


    Also known as "Capture Points" (CP), these are capturable zones. Once an outpost has been captured, units from the team owning it will automatically spawn and start doing random actions (patrolling, wandering, etc). An outpost generally contains sandbags, barbed wire, one heavy vehicle, some light vehicles and supply crates. Enemy outposts can be attacked and friendly outposts have to often be defended.


    The first and base gamemode is the freeroam one. In this mode, the player doesn't have a clear goal and can encounter random events. The other gamemodes are triggered by "Radio callouts".

    Capture objective

    This gamemode is triggered by a callout and the player can choose whether he wants to attend it or not. Two different factions start fighting against each other with a limited number of tickets. Random backups are triggered for the opposing force while the player can choose his own backup. If the player wins, the objective (which is an uncaptured outpost) becomes a friendly outpost.


    *:warning: This section will be updated two to three times a week.

    • Core scripting :
      • Ped classes : 95%

      • Vehicle classes : 0%

      • Gamemodes : 45%

      • Random events : 0%

    • Backup scripting :
      • CAS (Jets, Helicopters) : 50%

      • Boat : 0%

      • Transport (Air): 0%

      • Ground : (APC, Tank, Light vehicle support) 100%

      • Artillery : 0%

      • UAV : 0%

      • Vehicle drops and crate drops : 0%

    • Squad scripting :
      • Custom command menu GUI : 60%

      • Orders : 80%


    Currently being uploaded. Keep in mind that everything is subject to changes and I prefer to upload screenshots/videos when they are revelant.

    • Engineer at work :

    Other informations

    Type Data
    Author winject
    Version 0.4.5
    Release date -
    Compatibility ScriptHookV.dll , ScriptHookVDotNet.asi
    Code metrics ~5000 lines

    Suggestions and discussions

    I'm opened to all suggestions and improvements so don't hesitate to respond to the topic with your ideas.

    Just imagine how awesome it would be to be able to command your mates. Like in ghost recon war fighter. Imagine telling them to hold fire,follow the player, move to the aimed position, assault etc etc. And imagine going in free cam and telling them to go to abetter position where the player can't aim from the normal game view.
    Eddlm has done this in two separate mods. Which just needs the follow player command. He made the RTS where we can command in free cam mode and body guard mod where we can command in in game camera but it both lacks follow player command. Combining them would be awesome.

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