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[SCRIPT] Steakout Mod

  • I think it would be cool to use the camera and inside the car to go on Steakout missions where you have to take pictures of a ped but not get too close. You could use a surveillance van and everything

  • Thoughts?

  • I think you meant "stake-out", but anyway yeah, would be a good idea. But it would require a complete "secret service" mod as these missions alone would have no value. Nice idea though.

  • @Dest787 that could be a cool aspect of another mod like a hit man mod or a bank robbery mod where you have to do surveillance on the bank prior to actually robbing it. (I think that's called casing but I don't know because I'm not a criminal lol)


    I love a good steak! With some coke on the side that is :)

  • @ReNNie ba dum crash!

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