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[RESOLVED] i can't upload

  • i press submit, and file state is pending approval. but soon disappear.

  • I've been considering your uploads spam because you're pretty much writing nothing in the description, and it doesn't look like you're the author of the mod when you do that. Write a proper description that includes the source of your model, upload in-game screenshots, and then your uploads will be considered for approval.

  • @rappo And how exactly is that spam ?

  • @SLY95ZER I get many spam uploads each day for who knows what reason - I think it's people thinking that if they upload some random junk I'm going to give them a GTA: Online money drop or hack their console or something. I don't know, a lot of people just spam the upload system for some reason. When I see an upload with no effort put into a description and no screenshots, I lump them into that spam bucket as well.

    @audi-gta Feel free to message me if you have further questions.

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