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GTA V launching in windowed mode...

  • It does it every single time.... And when I go to settings it says it already fullscreen? :/


    @COD-MASTER-123 rename your settings.xml in the my documents folder and reset your settings

  • just rename it to sttings?


    @COD-MASTER-123 rename to settings.old or something... V then recreates the file

  • nope still windowed. :(

  • If you start the game press ALT+Enter

  • Even after I do that.... fps is still down. enb series fps counter...
    59.9 I 60.0 when driving it jumps all over place.
    it usually stays at 59.9 but do to problems with fullscreen on start.
    60.0 and 59.9 it constantly switches. In some situations it not noticable in others extremely noticable. I also tried a commandline.txt it still windowed.

  • I have 60 hz refresh rate but after I start the game the setting.xml says 59 hz and I haven't changed it :/

  • @COD-MASTER-123 that is very common for a game to do that. To change it to 59hz that isnt nothing to worry over. My game sometimes switches from full screen to windowed i just have to go under the graphics settings while in game and change it through some of the options then back to full screen and it resets.

  • Thing is it didn't used to do that.... and it would always start in fullscreen was never a problem in the past.

  • I honestly think it was that windows update that messed it up.

  • now it would seem like now it looks like fullscreen but when i put it on windowed not windowed boarderless it has no boarder if it was windowed boarderless... also after it brings up logo it dosen't show legal info... unless i alt+tab or alt+enter???

  • This post is deleted!

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