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Looking for license plates mod

  • In the movie "In the Heat of the Night (1967)" some KKK hillbillies were riding cars with confederate flag number plates on the front of the car and normal plates on the back. Maybe there is a mod to have something similar in GTA 5? P.S. I'm not racist or something just need it because I'm making a short movie xD
    Here's a photo:
    alt text

  • What exacly do you need?
    The license Plate itself, or the possibility to add a diffrent plate to the front?

    If you just want to change the front plate, you could just modify the front plate in Bennys Garage.
    (Only for Lowriders, obviously.) If the vehicle you're using can't be modified in Bennys, then there is no chance.

    If it is an "Benny's Vehicle", but you want the same flag on the front, then you'll need to repaint the license plate in
    the gamefiles. I'll find that file for you, if you reply back. I could even repaint it for you.

    *And where can i find that movie? Sounds interesting. :)
    sorry for my crappy english btw.

    greetings, Nexus.

  • It would be enough to have flag on both plates no need to be different in front and in the back :)
    I have this movie on dvd bought it long time ago xD

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