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GTA stopped working

  • Hi everyone, I just bought a new system & installed GTA V in it. I'd modded GTA V on my previous i7 3770k with GTX 770 system. Now I've upgraded to i7 6700K with GTX 1060 G1 Gaming 6GB system & installed a fresh copy of GTA V.

    Once installed , I copied the whole the modded files from the previous system & replaced the files on the new system. When I try running the game, sometime I'm able to get into the game without problem, but most of the time, it crashes and says GTA V had stopped working. While my i7 3770K game runs fine.

    I appreciate any help from anyone here. Thanks in advance. Cheers.

  • @freedompeace Try verifying game files. Maybe it'll solve your problem.

  • @freedompeace do fresh copies of the mod files. I have burnt modded rpf files onto a disc and tried to reinstall it into my gta v and it wouldnt take some of the files. Some of the files get corrupted easily with openiv. I would just start fresh.

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