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[Conversion suggestion] 2003-2008 Ford Econoline

  • Hi,

    I would like to suggest the conversion of a 2003-2008 Econoline that could probably be then turned into a police version (as police cars seem really popular here). Unfortunately, the only model available (as far as I know) is this, which doesn't look very good but I've never tested it in game (GTASA).


    If someone is willing to convert it but directly wants a police version, someone made a NYPD one based on the civilian version above


    I'd personnally really enjoy a civilian version but I completely understand people would rather want a police version so here's both. Thank you for reading me!

    PS: A 2008-2014 could probably interest more people but unfortunately I don't think I've ever seen one for any GTA game. One could be created by mixing the front of an
    F-Series truck with the cab of this previous Econoline though, but I have no experience in modelling.

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