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[Vehicle] destruction physics mod

  • Can someone please make a mod where
    you can snap planes wings off, Helicopters tail rotors and destroy engines.
    i have looked all over the place for this mod but it seems no one has made one yet

  • @Legendshadowace36 well when a mod developer creates an aircraft he can make it so that takings fall off when they impact a wall or a poll or something.

    Most of my aircraft mods do that, even missiles on them break off. Elevators etc,

    Same thing can be done to helicopter rotors etc, but this requires mod developer to edit each individual model one by one,

    A script mod however can act universally and do that on every helicopter, but sadly i have no knkwledge of creating script mods yet.

  • @FoxtrotDelta thanks for your response i have some of your aircraft which are bad@ss but im hoping someone can make a script for the vehicle damage mod and i don't know how to script either and i don't have zmodeler i only have 1 modelling software called Blender but i don't think that makes .yft files which is a downer and im also bad at modelling but im still getting the hang of Texture editing

  • Sorry for the bump of such an old topic, but I'm looking for something like this as well!

    Any thoughts?

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