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How to get steam key ?

  • can anyone tell

  • @Roxx1010 you can buy from Steam. or if you want a cheaper option there are many other websites. like g2a or g2play .com so you can purchase the Steam key from them. for any game. Does this answer your Question?

  • @FoxtrotDelta "Does this answer your Question?" You will never know if it did or not, because they create accounts just to ask a question, and then disappear as fast as it took them to create this thread, LOL. It's the newest fad, didn't you know.

  • @eshenk Naah, i didn't anyways , i do need to keep an eye on threads. so the sooner i attend to a thread the better. :) here for the help.

  • @eshenk Well, people do start out somewhere :P

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