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ORGANIZE modifications into categories and and VIEW liked mods [WITH PICTURES]

  • Allow users to view other user's list of liked modifications and, for privacy reasons, if they wish, they will be allowed to disable/disable the feature within the settings section.

    Also, a neat feature would be the ability to organize mods into different categories, either for yourself or to show them to others. Rather than YouTubers or popular members (for example) having to make a google document with links to each and every modification, it would be much cooler to simply allow the users to click and view the mods you have categorized.


    YouTubers and/or popular members will then only need to link the people to the profile where they can then see the mods that they're looking for.

    Also, when you click on a category, it will bring up a page displaying the list of mods that is in that category:

    alt text

    Please upvote if you want this to become possible.

    I hope you appreciate my work @rappo ;)

    Thanks again,

  • @Hyper-Droid That's a nice idea, thanks for the effort with the thought and screenshots! It reminds me of the Twitter "lists" concept. It's a big update for me, so I can't promise it soon but I'll think about it and hopefully get it working at some point.

    The ability to show your liked mods is much easier for me, though, and I can do that sooner.

  • That's why I kept both points separate. All you have to do to make likes visible is to change the "Likes" text into a text+link which redirects the user to that other user's Likes page. Very simple, but very effective, I think. ;)

    And for sure, if you could find some time in the near future with the categories idea, that would be great.

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