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[VEHICLE] Chevrolet Corvette (C6) Z06

  • Now I've seen the C6 ZR1 and C7 Z06. But surely I would love to see a C6 ZO6 in GTA V. I mean this is my favorite Corvette in my opinion.

    alt text

  • @Yeh2low2krrrr you should request as many cars as u want, especially if u can provide a model link to a good decent model, you chances of getting the request accepted are pretty high that way.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Oh really, that's good. Cause there's some few cars that are not GTA 5, so I may list out of those few yeah, thanks for that non-stop requests.

    Okay here's the link for you or anyone that is interested, you may need to log in to get the file. Thank you Modders:


  • This post is deleted!

  • I need this car as well. :slight_smile:

  • Yeah and it's even my most favorite corvettes to be honest. I hope @FoxtrotDelta or some car modders can make this car in GTA 5 soon, I even post the car model above it.

  • bumped.

  • yalls chances are higher when you start offering donations, whats up with all you beggers. beggers cant be choosers. how broke is everyone on this damn site?


    Money isn't the solution to getting a thriving community //socialist mode off

  • @ReNNie lol i agree but sadly most car modders thats their only motivation is through getting donations. Me personally if i made cars hell even if i made a car from scratch that took me months to make id end up releasing it 1-2 months after i made it. No point in all that hard work being enjoyed just by 2 or 3 people. It would make me feel proud to have 50-100 thousand or more people download and enjoy a car mod i made. But thats just me and my thinking, alot of people would rather keep things to themselves.

  • @icebox84 Well I ain't even broke but I admit, I have a financial problems atm, I wanted to donate but I couldn't. If you think that I'm one of those begger people, I totally understand, I made a statement that's my last and not anymore make a new request, sorry if you think I am like that sir.

  • @Willief23 What makes me laugh, is 99% of all script mods are made from scratch, can take a significant length of time to create and those seem to be expected for free. I mean my first ever mod took me 2 months, came from a request and at no point was money ever even mentioned. Not that I care because I have never done anything creative that wasn't part of a job (as an employee that is) for money.

    In fact, pretty much every script I have released on this site has been a request but I didn't need anything to motivate me, beyond the potential satisfaction of the person making the request. If only that one person was happy with it, that would have been enough.

    No amount of money would motivate me to do something I didn't want to do. And no amount of money would make one person's request more important than another. People shouldn't be ranked in importance, by how much they can afford... *gets off soapbox*

  • @Yeh2low2krrrr bro im not trying to be mean. just giving advice as to people jump on donations faster then people just asking. best of luck!

  • @ReNNie i agree rennie.

  • I'm no Corvette expert (merely a fan), but surely the already posted ZR1 should be enough to fill your needs. I mean, after comparing the screenshots, only the bonnet looks different...

  • @tk0wnz Yes grant it it's the same a bit in terms of looks, but I would be glad to see more C6 corvettes added in the game, no offense lad. :)

  • @tk0wnz said in [VEHICLE] Chevrolet Corvette (C6) Z06:

    I'm no Corvette expert (merely a fan), but surely the already posted ZR1 should be enough to fill your needs. I mean, after comparing the screenshots, only the bonnet looks different...

    That ZR1 model is extremely disproportionate ...its an ok mod but its nothing satisfying as far as accuracy.

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