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Attaching different vehicles on one another

  • Hello to all, I have lately seen on youtube some weird stuff done in GTA V with menyoo if Im correct. Its attaching a six or more cars on one another or side by side, like on one truck trailer and they are just standing and not falling off, I try to do by selecting and deselecting some options in menyoo in vehicle options but nothing, cars are still falling of trailer, I would really appreciate some answer or idea.

  • @Darko987 you must use object spooner, spawn vehicle, then attach car together, once their attached you can modif the attachement option to place the car as yu want, change his transparency etc

  • Thanx for the answer, I will try that and notify if I have some more questions.

  • @Shaezbreizh I'we found that option and successfully attach them, thank you again. I have another question but I will start a new topic or can I ask you here if its not a problem?

  • @Darko987 yeah ask here

  • @Shaezbreizh its about ped control, that's last thing that I need to learn, do you know how to for example: I have five characters that are peds and one is my main character and they are standing near cars for every each of them, can I somehow control my main character and then switch to some other of this peds and vise versa, that's my question, sorry if its confusing?

  • @Darko987 well idk a lot about this, but if i remember well there is an option in menyoo ( soul gun or something like that) that permit to switch into ped body

  • @Shaezbreizh ok I will see into that too, thnx again.

  • I have a mod installed which I want to remove. By pressing G or LB it attaches the car behind and sometimes deattach it again. What is the name of it?

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