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[MAP][WIP] Map and Improvement for Helicopters

  • Coming very soon...

    Helipads in :

    • Central Palmer-Taylor ( Power Station )
    • Humane Labs
    • Montain Hut
    • Mont Gordo maintenance work
    • NEW North-West Oil Rig
    • Truck helipad for spray* helicopter
    • lighting on some current pads
    • Some charter, offshore and rescue "missions"!

    It would be great if a modder can mount a spray system on some choppers, , MAVERICK (Bell 206 Jet Ranger) POLMAV (AS350) or the SA315B Lama

    Needed too: a script to enable more objects for lifting !

    Coming soon:

    Helipad on Jetsam Terminal, El Burro Heights Fire Station, and a moutain restaurant...

    0_1492631715570_GTA5 2017-02-11 22-26-37-042.jpg
    0_1492631743056_GTA5 2017-02-11 22-18-37-316.jpg
    0_1492631820378_GTA5 2017-03-26 03-59-08-105.jpg
    0_1492631859943_GTA5 2017-03-26 03-58-10-306.jpg
    0_1492631885134_GTA5 2017-04-19 03-34-12-612.jpg
    0_1492631926631_GTA5 2017-04-19 03-29-33-748.jpg 0_1492631974841_GTA5 2017-02-09 02-35-44-904.jpg 0_1492632041654_GTA5 2017-02-14 04-06-33-383.jpg 0_1492632125585_GTA5 2017-03-26 04-46-01-286.jpg 0_1492632238239_GTA5 2017-03-26 03-08-51-242.jpg 0_1492632346176_GTA5 2017-03-26 04-16-20-736.jpg 0_1492632413880_GTA5 2017-03-26 00-54-38-564.jpg 0_1492632480960_GTA5 2017-03-26 00-51-42-426.jpg
    0_1492632876975_GTA5 2017-03-15 03-39-21-307.jpg

    If you have the same idea for something, it's important that you make your version ! It's about passion and inspiration... Mike 777

    0_1493435940999_GTA5 2017-04-28 23-57-19-767.jpg
    0_1493436021182_GTA5 2017-04-28 23-57-45-836.jpg
    0_1493436059358_GTA5 2017-04-29 00-02-02-700.jpg
    0_1493436069357_GTA5 2017-04-29 00-03-19-792.jpg

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