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  • I was wondering if we could ever see some sexier female cops for GTA 5 cause the female police are kinda boring and not that good Black,white,latina if possible.

  • @TR71777 There can be, if people extract models from Sims 3/4. Depends if anyone wanna give some time to it.

  • @AHK1221 true I just wish someone would do it cause these police females are bland as heck lol

  • well I hope we can see better female cops lol Black,white,latina if possible.


    hah :smile_cat: technically you can spawn ANY ped and make it act like a cop, so a script can do the job.

    Anyway, I'm actually working on a script that spawn male and female freemode peds with cop appearance, so it might suit you. But I'm still working on it! Here's a showcase of it:

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